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deactivate style rule

Keep old behavior when we drill down to package

Extend UI allowing to select packages for which we want tests to be run

automatically re-source the testfile when re-running a single test

improve user interface

acs::test::form_reply: add option "-remove" in analogy to "-update" to remove entries from the provided dict. This is necessary for web regression testing for

check boxes, where the application has to decuce from the fact, that a field is not transmitted, that a value has to be changed.

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improve spelling

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Fix layout when no data for test is available

- add new api function "aa_section" to allow structuring of larger test cases

- generalize login during tests further. When "user_info" is provided

it can be used to either login via login credentials or directly

via user_id (next step: integrate config-option for test users, this

will allow pure web tests to run against a different server)

- extend regression test to cover new features

- bump version numbers to 5.10.0d7

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acs-automated testing:

- provide the ability to add detail urls to messages

- new convenince methods



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display testd URLs on testcases for web tests

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fix too many colons

don't raise error on wrong inputs

Display warnings in the test results page

improve testcase viewing page:

- use syntax highlighting to testcase body

- fix label for body:

* just use numbering when appropriate

* start numbering of bodies with 1

improve rowcount expressions

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whitespace changes

prettify reports

Prefer individual 'set' operations over 'lassign' in these particular cases

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Revert massive replacement of empty list creation sentences. The use of '[list]' instead of '{}' adds semantics that could be used for performance improvements in the future, such as using a different internal representation. There is already work in this direction, avoiding the generation of the string representation during comparison of empty strings (huge thanks to Stefan Sobernig for the pointer: https://core.tcl.tk/tcl/info/44527c632ed609c2).

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Rework variable assignment (set -> lassign) + Whitespace changes

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regenerated documentation

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Prefer '{}' to '[list]' when creating empty lists

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Prefer lappend over concat for appending lists (lappend modifies the variable 'in place')

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modernize Tcl

prefer lassiign over multiple iindex operations

modernize tcl: use lassign instead of multiple lindex operations

add title to testcase page

whitespace changes

order by testcases to make the order stable