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minor improvements (actually no need for ad_try, if all we do is a dom command)

replace "catch" by "ad_try"

Remove useless "catch" since template::util::is_true will not raise an error

replace "catch" by "ad_try"

Move deprecated procs into deprecated-procs.tcl

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replace "catch" by "ad_try"

Protect against potential XSS vectors

replace catch by ad_try

Remove "catch {unset var}" idiom by "unset -nocomplain var"

- fix potential XSS attack vector

- reduce quoting hell

- use ad_try instead of "catch"

- factor out common code

typesetting changes

extend README and improve title of admin page

Bump version number and add site-wide admin management scripts

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Fix typo in error message

fix and comment strange construct in api_read_script_documentation

remove spurious brace

Fix cut&paste error

Bump version number on HEAD in agreement with version on 5-9 branch

update documentation and bump version number

reduce number of swallowing catch operations

Reduce number of swallowing catches

Fix boolean expressions in .adp files

Fix typo chartype->charset

add negative nt_total_time to sanity check

reduce verbosity: no need to add message about missing "r" value

Make so that these clauses are really clauses and not time intervals, as downstream code will be hacky otherwise

- just warn on bog differences between t_done and nt_total_time

- reduce verbosity

really fix variable access to nt_total_time (guess, i need a break)

really fix variable access to nt_total_time

Improve previous fix: don't specify root folder at all and let file-storage deal with this

Bugfix: make sure root_folder_id exists or dotlrn won't display community folder correctly