antoniop in OpenACS

Use localized text for search placeholder

Make filter simpler with just one field and more suitable to a responsive design (thanks to Günter Ernst)

Replace xo::Http with select-free util::http

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Add filters for applications list so it is easily possible to reach permission and parameters page also on sites with many mounted applications.

Fix hiding of delete and move buttons. For move I resolved using the

delete permission as a criteria, because otherwise one should ensure

also the availability of a suitable destination, which must be writable

and in none of the object's subtrees. Complicated and costly to execute everytime.

Make encoding the url part the default behavior. Add extra exception for the trivial case of dummy url '#'.

Make url part encoding in export_vars optional by the -base_encode flag to avoid regressions in existing code (e.g. urls containing anchors)

Fix typo in parameter name

Allow copy of files/folders into the same folder of the original content. This is done by appending a numerical suffix to the name.

It required modifying copy stored procedures so they could accept a different name and title for the copy.

I have also removed redundant package definition in oracle code that was immediately overridden afterwards.

file upgrade-5.9.1b4-5.9.1b5.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

file upgrade-5.9.1b3-5.9.1b4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

Performance improvement in content_item__get_path stored procedure (thanks to Thomas Renner)

file upgrade-5.9.1b3-5.9.1b4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

Improve translation for the full version of this portlet: was same as the lesser one and therefore confusing. (thanks to Markus Moser)

Add move and copy buttons only when available folders for these actions exist

Cover case when -base flag in export_vars contains query variables and no vars are exported. By hand this is silly, but could happen in the context of dynamic url generation when vars to export are not known in advance.

Hide file-storage actions that are not allowed for the user. (receives analogous modifications on Learn@WU)

Use standard file-storage delete api, as extlink one seems to require extra sql stored procedures (which don't seem necessary to me)

As on Learn@WU, approve directly messages coming from admins, don't show messages about moderation when admins are posting

Replace innerHTML idiom with a more DOM compliant one, as IE would show undefined username otherwise.

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Don't abort script when people sends a message over a non-existing

chat, as this is required by the chat sweeper to happen.

Log errors when page cannot be found. Fix typo

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Fix wrong version number

Fix upgrade logics, because old instances named constraint differently. Also, skip execution when not needed, as can be demanding (acts on acs_objects).

Added missing data model upgrade from version 5.2, affecting long lived installations.

file upgrade-5.9.1b3-5.9.1b4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

Use already baked solution to retrieve the file path

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Add missing namespace (Thanks to Günter Ernst)

When deleting a service contract implementation, also delete related acs_object (Many thanks to Günter Ernst for reporting and fix)

file upgrade-5.9.1b3-5.9.1b4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.