antoniop in OpenACS

Provide localization for hardcoded text

Normalize message key sorting in the catalog files

Fix missing variable

Move the question overview block in question_info_block in an own method to ease downstream customization in subclasses

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Fix typo

Provide an alternative exec-free captcha implementation using libgd and its Tcl wrapper

This implementation will be preferred to the one using convert, when available.

file LiberationSans-Regular.ttf was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Make sure we load the Monaco js only once per request, in case multiple formfields are on the page.

Cleanup dummy commands and objects to avoid cross interactions between tests

Go back supporting arbitrary options, potentially from custom user-defined widgets: these will be assumed to be expressed as name-value pairs and we will keep notifying such cases in the logfile

Automated test xowiki includelet_childresources expects links to be created without language prefix

in order to do so, the page_template must be set to create anonymous instances. Fix the page template used in the test to match expected result.

Fix typo

Make xotcl-core optional in the api-browser

Specify the empty value correctly in the authentication form fields

Keep supporting also the htmlarea_p option

Cleanup test for deleted api

Fix doc

Keep handling also the section option

Set edit_what to a valid default

Keep recognizing "format" template::element property, which was never documented

Port of downstream visual behavior: prefer a 3-columns layout when space is available

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Fix JS idiom when no "i" tag is found

Improve message key and translations

Improve doc

Replace the lame template::util::get_opts with some homemade utility that will parse arguments reliably, adjust the one upstream use case where arguments other than those documented might be passed to the element creation, introduce a warning when this happens somewhere else

Prevent names made only of invalid characters to end up null after sanitization, as done in other UIs in this package

Fix test, the proc behaves as documented (and IMO, it should go away at some point)

New test for template::util::get_opts

This will expose a bug when an argument in an even position is specified that starts with a "-" character

Fix typo

Fix typo