antoniop in OpenACS

Small improvement for portrait management (deletion)

Exploit existing on delete cascade constraints when we delete a portrait, instead of deleting stuff manually.

Also, put remaining logics into a proc and use it in acs_user::delete to address legit use case of people wanting

to remove a user permanently without removing portrait in advance.

Make so that refreshing of theming subsite parameters doesn't include locally modified subsites

This includes also moving of logic to identify local modifications in a proc

Added procs to quickly issue refresh of subsite theme parameters from current theme defaults. This is useful in a context with many subsites using the same theme, when desired behavior at upgrade is to have them reload all parameters automatically.

Fix typo

Fix typo

Flush cache also for ancestors of nodes when mounting a package

Unify version comparison logics so we always use apm_version_names_compare instead of other db api as apm_package_version__version_name_greater plus handcrafted queries which also might behave slightly differently

Fix version number for the forums package

Improve explaination

Fix typo

Point out why these two procs are not currently in use around

Fix update of categories-portlet using www- prefix. Take the chance in this untriggered update to fix discrepancies in foreign key definition hitting xowiki installations born before 0.56

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Updated italian translation

Update italian translation

Add missing refresh to categories portlet definition after (Many thanks to Thomas Renner)

Remove Oracle incompatible code (as pointed out by regression tests)

Remove incompatible idiom from oracle's sql (as pointed out by regression tests)

Prevent errors in between of a release upgrade when system still has not render_widgets proc defined. Users should restart the server asap anyway.

Remove redundant not localized text

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Fix typo

Improve documentation

Comment out currently not working code. To enable again one should forward interaction when a user is approved to a page sending some confirmation email, but seems like this is now missing.

Allow to retrieve membership also for users that have more than one role in a group (e.g. member + admin)

Use site_node:: api to retrieve package_url instead of explicit query. Remove unused sql and simplify idiom for fs_get_folder_name.

Don't assume a Unix OS when executing commands

Don't assume a Unix OS when exec'ing commands

Localize group actions (port of work by Monika Andergassen)

Prevent error when user is removed from the Registered Users group, but not from users altogether

Allow to specify another return url for the page

Fix typo in previous commit