gustafn in OpenACS

improve spelling

validate format of richtext field always

tighten page_contract to mitigate certain attacks

improve readability of generated HTML

added "@see" to deprecated proc

improve warning message

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    • +2
get rid of legacy message key "menu-Clipboard-Copy"; "menu-Clipboard-Use-Copy" is used since several years instead

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    • +2
improved prepared-statement handling

- avoid separate SQL statement for testing, whether prepared statement

exists already in the SQL session.

- use true SQL session-id (obtained via "ns_pg pid") when available

- improve source code documentation

added @see tags for deprecated commands

ease tracking of warnings of check_deprecated test

This change actually needs the newest api-doc, but we can't add the cyclic dependency

- improved tab handling

- revive api_proc_link, paramertize it properly

switch to new lintian typo dictionary, adapted to the new format

added icanuse for "ns_pg pid"

beautify output with changed rendering in Firefox 96

remove statement used for testing

use the same idiom everywhere ("create_components" can now handle empty lists)

handle empty list elements in spec_list of "create_components"

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initialize variable for error cases

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    • +2
use the forwarder as a forwarder...

change default to per-user-shuffling

added "convert_to_external" for Compound fieds, save result of convert_to_internal in the form-field value

generalize locales with a decimal point as comma, extend test with repeated form fields

provide test case for the form-field "numeric" with switching the lanuage preferences

- added anchor title for configuration button

- reduced verbosity

avoid errors on attacks against request header field "Upgrade-Insecure-Requests"

fix message for deprecated folder

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Improved configurability of inclass exam

- added modal window for showing all configuration options

- depending on the state of an exam (whether students have stated

working on the exam or not) different options can be

altered. E.g. the grading scheme can be adjusted at any time, since

it is not visible to students prior to exam review.

- improved configurability of form-fields:

. new feature: fc_repository for shared definitions

(can be reused in the same configuration on multiple occasions)

. when form-constraints are defined with an empty short-spec,

the system tries to look this up from the fc_repository.

- extended answer manager:

. new method: student_submissions_exist

. renamed methods

. "student_submissions" -> "submissions"

(since result my include as well test run results)

. "get_answers" -> "get_answer_attributes"

to better distinguish from "submissions"

- base "merge_constraints" on dicts

- prefer forwarder over instance variable for referring

the question manager(QM)

- extended Message keys with "Configuration"

- added missing German translations in message keys

- bump version to 5.10.1d17

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    • +98
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    • +4
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    • +23
    • -42
    • +248
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improve comment

make use of "from_cache_indicator" for the per_request_cache in instantiate_forms

output warning for unexpected input