gustafn in OpenACS

Added points in addition to minutes to test items and inclass-exam workflows

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remove personal-message dialog when user has finished her exam

improve source code documentation

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return raw value for form-fields of type label, when disableOutputEscaping is set

fix broken support for explicit bindvars to db_foreach

added last_contribution based on last created object

file ip-info.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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file ip-info.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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remove stray "from" in last visit information

we have in table "users" no last IP, we could just fall back to a

last contribution field

use common "icanuse" idioms

use localized_text for folders and links

no need to subst

resolve message keys in titles

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reduce verbosity

factor out script wrappers

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undo recent changes on too global localizations

The new form-field class localized_text text solves the goals

of for providing a formfield interface to message keys in a

loca fashion rather than altering the behavior of all form

field and of all property interfaces.

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New form-field class: localized_text

This class can be used to provide an interface for specifying

internationalized text strings saved in message keys via input

from a form. When editing the content provided via the input field

is saved together with an item-specific message keys in the

message key tables via lang::util::convert_to_i18n.

This formfield class is especially useful for xowiki items which

have no language-prefix (e.g. folders or links). In other cases it

is probably still a better idea to create same named pages with

different language prefixes.

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improve spelling

Keep nsv variable "rp_properties request_count"

The nsv "rp_properties request_count" is still needed for bootstart loader.

Set it at the end of rp initialization

remove misleading comment. there should be no re-init

prefer db_0or1row +"where exists" over db_string + "select case"

send also HEAD requests to the request monitor

reduce usage of idiom "select 1 from dual where exists" when not necessary

some packages have high number of instances: no need to aggregate over these

prefer ad_try, since it is silent, when action is ended by a script_abort

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prefer SQL max() function over sort and limit 1

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Upgrade CKEditor to 4.14.1

cache method "has_children" to avoid frequent (but cheap) DB calls

improve handling of errors, which are triggerd by the error template

fix comment and missing arguemnt