gustafn in OpenACS

passing "-debug" flag explicitly to nsf::proc

whitespace changes

fix last commit (many thanks to Thomas Renner)

made includelet "categories" folder aware (on can pass "parent" in form of a page-ref to the includelet)

refactored some of the code to increase reusability

    • -30
    • +1
make treeview more compact

break overlong lines

stick to content-repository API instead of duplicating code here.

new function: ::content::revision::export_to_filesystem

This change moves functionality from file-storage to acs-content-repository.

all application packages should be free of internals, such as the storage

type. Storage_type should be handeled in the content-repository package.

We are not yet done, there is still more to do in this respect in

the file-storage package.

break overlong lines

improve comments

make actions changed from the background state-safe

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    • +3
write mutual overwrites to the system log

improve spelling

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
improve listing of covered methods

added support for pagination buttons, visited buttons and flagged buttons

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    • +32
added support for avoiding quoting of labels (e.g. in buttons)

    • -2
    • +2
make question manager configurable

fix regression test which was broken due to last change (move of links to answer panel)

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    • +2
whitespace changes (remove tabs)

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moved answer status into answer_panel (similar to downstream),

made sensitivity of inspect links automatically updating (like downstream)

made templating easier and refactored code

    • -20
    • +27
make template::adp_puts private again. removed some of the weirdness in calendar attachments

whitespace changes

fix output in summary line

improve listing of procs covered by regression test

whitespace change

list called api procs

improve spelling

whitespace changes

extend regression test, add covered procs to webtest

extend tests by porting obsolete test fs_add_file_to_folder to new web testing framework