gustafn in OpenACS

provide better recovery from internal redirects, where ::ad_conn is not available

add test cases for slot interactions

preserver slot, such that updating extended slots (e.g. "description") via update_attribute_from_slot works

make test more robust against extending attributes

Fix for plausible file checking in cr_delete_orphans

The code checks for files, which are not conforming to the naming conventions,

and intends to skip these. ... but a "continue" was missing.

Many thanks to Franz Penz

more more fix for issue #3441

As Keith reported, there is was one more issue concerning missing column_names and empty query results. This is now as well fixed in oacs-5-10. Also, the regression test was extended to handle these cases as well.

improve loading times and blueprint size, when acs-automated testing is deactivated

For details, see:

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

fix typo

provide better handling of deactivated packages

don't depend on the node-id cache, which is only available, when xotcl-core is loaded

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file acs-cache-init.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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make sure, the notification url has a slash before the package path

fix for issue #3441

make on/off logic less confusing

improve spelling

add missing documentation of the "adp" attribute of the "property" tag

acs::per_request_cache: standardize per-request caching

- added per-request cache verfsy similar to acs::per_thread_cache

- use per-request-cache on several occasions

- bump version number of acs-tcl to 5.10.0d35

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fix overquoting

add one more missing message key

added missing message key, whitespace cleanup

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use dot instead of colon as separator between package name and cache key to ease readability

acs::per_thread_cache: standardize per-thread caching

- added per-thread cache based on namespaced Tcl variables.

- use per-thread-cache on several occasions

- bump version number of acs-tcl to 5.10.0d34

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improve wording for package parameters

improve handling with CDN and CSP

improve wording

remove spurious parens

fix ugly typo

make minus sign optional again

inclass-exam: report state durations on overview page (published, exam_review)

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fix typos