gustafn in OpenACS

don't pass deprecated argumentent "-user_id" to fs::get_folder_contents_count

improve spelling

fix boolean expressions in .adp code

improved documentation of how to use hstore with xowiki

create hkey index for xowiki_page_instance automatically, when hkey field is defined

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- toc includelet:

* new flag: "-renderer" (default "")

specify an explicit renderer. This is an alternative to the

classic "rendering by style", where there style determines the renderer.

* new flag: "-include_in_foldertree" (default true)

it is now possible to avoid inclusion of all folder-tree element

in the standard folder tree. Default set for backwards


- new tree renderer "bootstrap3horizontal" for rendering

a tree as a horizontal bootstap based menu with dropdown.

This can be used e.g. for rendering the table of contents

for a folder based on the page_order

{{toc -renderer bootstrap3horizontal -include_in_foldertree 0 -folder_mode 1}}

where the elements of the toplevel hierarchy (e.g. 1, 2) are displayed as

menubuttons, having the elements of the lower hierarchy as menu

entries (e.g. 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, ...)

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align cache management to new implementation

improve spelling

fix for #3354.

bump version number to 5.10.0d5

improve spelling

reduce verbosity

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revive xo::list_to_values as it is used by the forthcoming caldav package

provide documentation of public procs and methods, make some procs private

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Improve documentation of public procs and methods.

some legacy cleanup

document public methods

whitespace changes

prettify reports

it seems, we can reactivate per-request caching for sitenodes, otherwise we see up to 37 locks per requests on get_node_id on (regression test works fine)

bump version number to 5.10.0d5, otherwise the new package keys (such as acs-subsite.404_title) are not known an lead to errors

reduce verbosity

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Don't be so quick on deprecating a common interface

fix broken commit

fix site-node test in regression test

don't use per-request caching, since we migh shoot in our own foot

interrupt cache_transaction to achieve desired semantics

allow in a few cases empty node_ids for method "get_url" as it is used by current OpenACS

add debugging aids

fix bug #3352

fix regression test for confusing setup with wildcard IPv4 address and host name "localhost", but localhost is resolved on the host as IPv6 address

improve spelling

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align copyright statement

change default cache size

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improve spelling

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reduce hammering on nsv for variables that never change. Use namespaced variables instead.

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