gustafn in OpenACS

added error message for new validator

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added validator for "correct_when" form field types

prefer variable names over method calls

new includelet for documentation purposes: available-formfields

- Fix a tricky Tcl_Obj sharing bug triggered by the usage of C-level

IndexObjs based on volatile tables. Consider the following example:

proc foo {x} {

return [bar -value x ...]


The Tcl_Obj "x" is shared as name of argument and as a value of the

non-positional parameter "-value". When bar (e.g. C-implemented)

uses Tcl_GetIndexFromObj*() to lookup "x" in a table of options,

which is volatile, the involved Tcl_Obj will be converted to an


On a call with wrong number of arguments( e.g."foo 1 2 3"), Tcl

will try to give a nice error message, saying that "foo x" can be

called only with one argument. When printing argument "x", it sees

that "x" is an indexObj, and for these kinds of objects, "x" might

be an abbreviated version of a full name. Since the table behind

the indexObj is in the case above volatile, a crash might happen.

The committed fix above is just a temporary measure. NaviServer should

try to avoid such Tcl_Obj conversions in these cases. It is also

questionable, whether the attempt to interpret a argument name as

an abbreviated.

deactivate html hacking (replace textarea by "p") since rendering is

broken due to bootstrap's "form-control" class

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strip white space

allow empty correct_when specifications

reduce verbosity

use new form-field type "correct_when"

provide new form-field "correct_when" for conveniant user interaction

the form-field type is currently just a text field with a tailored

help text, but can be extended in the future via pull-downs etc.

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use ad_return_complaint for invalid query parameter parsing (at least in connection threads)

fix workflow such these work as well with shared workflow definitons

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impreve robustness of ad_doc parsing

- overhaul of online-exam:

- support for new question types

* text_interaction

* text_entry_interaction

* mc interacotpm

- support for autocorrection feedback in print-out (first version)

based on "correct_when" (this is per tield-type, also extensible)

currently 9 types of predicates, "btwn" (heißt "zwischen"),

eq, ne, gt, ge, lt, le, match, in

- fully internationlaized

- todo:

* better support for mc,

* submission certificates for students (comtaining a digest)

* percentage grading

* export for potential post-processing of results

* improved styling

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- improved source code documentation

- improved checking, when ID or object is returned

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- new interaction type text_entry_interaction (abbreviated as "te" in test_item question_type)

create multipe text interactions

- added autocorrection via "correct_when" to text interaction and text_entry_interaction

- improved source code documentation

- break overlong lines

- removed usages of :instvar

- still TODO: base mc question on complex formfile types rather than HTML primitives,

since this allows better adoption to different rendering styles and better feedback modes

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extend message catalog

prefer resolver variables over method calls.

improve spelling

remove obsolete calls (ad_quotehtml) and make code more robust

fix for issue #3427

make sure to avoid empty .css or .js requests

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improve robustness when partial results are returned

remove fallback to obsolete version of ckeditor and bail out instead

make "include_header_info" and therefore handling of "extra_js" more robust

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Switch order of "ns_return 500" and "ad_log error" to see the error message also in cases, where "ns_return 500" will fail due to a already closed connection,

(Many thanks to Franz Penz for the suggestion)

move test cases for lc_monetary_currency to acs-outdated, where the definition lives

file format-test.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

file format-test.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.