gustafn in OpenACS

order by last name rather than first name in members list when sorting by name

capitalize URL, improve wording

don't make it plain user easy to snarf full address list

allow specification of page_size

Make util_current_location robust such it does not raise an exception when not connected. In these cases, the configured ad_url is returned. This is not perfect either, since it would not work with host-node mapped subsites, and maybe, there are cases, where one wants just information based on the actual connection. so, maybe, one should provide either a higher level API and/or parameterize util_current_location in the future.

extend list of embedded content types

improve comments

improve capitalization and wording in comments

improve comments, bump version number to 5.10.0d8

more cleanup:

- remove entries from .xql

- whitespace cleanup

base group::description and group::join_policy on cached group::get

cache group::group_p in partitioned cache as well

note, that change_state_member tests checks implicitly as well membership_rel::change_state

cache base function "group::get", base "group::title" on "group::get"

changes for group::get:

make array optional

return dict of values which can be more easily passed around

remove unneeded code (flushing of get_title from memoize cache, but function does not exist

remove redundant SQL code in group::delete

rCVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Fixed bug with SuppressHttpPort on admin/index page of acs-subsite

for details see:

    • -2
    • +2
move caching of group memberships from util_memoize cache into separate, partitioned cache (group_cache)

to reduce stress on util_memoize and improve scalability

    • -0
    • +13
set error-level to warning for documentation__check_proc_testcase (similar to datamodel__named_constraints)

remove obsolte comments

probably it was meant that packages can be passed in via "package_ids" parameter

whitespace cleanup

align callback implementation with definition

fix documentation of parameter

update documentation

add flag no_automatic_membership_rel to group::add_member to make it potentially usable from DotLRN

fix typo

whitespace cleanup

replace deprecated proc util_search_list_of_lists

don't be so quick on phasing out deprecated code

add flag "-suppress_port" to util::configured_location