Don't put empty site node folders into the breadcrumbs (that is, site nodes not having a package underneath)

Fix "new application" button, so we can put app into folders

Move requirement of packages into proc.

Fix typo, allow to resuse tDOM object built when fixing markup instead of parsing again

- new utility to try 'fixing' invalid HTML

- fixed recognition of protocol agnostic urls

- use location from connection context and configurations to determine whether full urls are local

- optionally use new utility when plain parsing fails to try accepting a broader kind of invalid markup

- some update in test cases

- rename of the utilities with the 'dom' prefix, to make clear that this is the dom approach for sanitizing markup.

As it is sometimes prone to format and content loss, its use should be carefully considered.

- include all enum values in case statements

- use preprocessor variables more consistently

- remove old-style function definitions

- remove implicit conversion to 'unsigned int' from 'int' m

- ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code

- don't shadow local variable

Reduce memory consumption via better aligning (esp on 64bit machines)

- don't shadow variables

- make qn more robust, when runnin on the topLevel

- move test cases from utility procs into regression test

modify STRING_NEW such that - it is able to produce "const char *" - such that it uses ckalloc

- provide clean compile for compilations with "-Wwrite-strings" - add const declarations

- removed unneeded arguments - mark unused arguments as UNUSED

* nx-pp.tcl (State): Add "substdefault" to two property specs to fix markup generation for various token types (variables etc.).

Improved behavior on links by using RFC compliant URL recognition.

Created (working) test cases

file text-html-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

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Fix typo

New utility to sanitize HTML allowing to specify different sets of tags,

attributes and protocols to allow and two generic policies: strip javascript

and remove external references. It can also be used only for validation.

* source-doc-beautifier.tcl: Allow to omit the built-in title line, to allow for custom doc and title preambles in example scripts ("-notile" flag).

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Removed leftover statement

Keep old proc behavior regarding deletion of the package so we don't break any previous code

Use lreverse instead of inverting the list manually

Use better idiom to concatenate subnodes

- remove trailing white-space

- white space changes (replace tabs, remove trailing white space, fix indentation)

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