adjust to api-browser changes for trailing non-positional arguments

Added support for trailing non-positional arguments

The change makes the old hack with the own trailing-argument-parser

"ad_arg_parser" obsolete by using directly the c-level argument parser

which is anyhow capable of handling trailing arguments. A few changes

were necessary for api doc to handle there trailing arguments as well.

The proc "db_string" is already converted to use native arguments.

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added test case for db_string with various bind options

whitespace changes

move db-test case to db-regression test files

remove unneeded method

complete listing of covered procs in test cases

use fine-grade percentage to color mapping

added a comment about the usefulness of ad_arg_parser

Fix for issue #3442 to support range types in .xql files

PostgreSQL supports range types since 9.5. When using range types,

square braces have to be used in SQL statements. Since OpenACS uses

always Tcl substitution in .xql files, and OpenACS does NOT allow

backslash substitution in these files, square brackets could not be

escaped and therefore not be used in .xql files so far. This change

allows now a developer to deactivate the substitution by passing

e.g. "-subst none" to the db_* command using the .xql file. Valid

values for "-subst" are "all", "none", "vars", and "commands", default

is "all" which is exactly the behavior of before. Therefore, this

change is fully backward compatible.

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Remove leftovers

mark private functions as private

whitespace changes

improve test coverage

improve consistency of interface: use instance variable when no folder_id is provided

Whitespace changes

Add new test 'acs_subsite_attributes' covering the 'attribute::add', 'attribute::exists_p' and 'attribute::delete' procs

Add editor hints

Add 'dotlrn_club_new' test case, covering 'dotlrn_club::new', 'dotlrn_club::community_type' and 'dotlrn_community::get_community_type_from_community_id' procs

file club-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Whitespace changes

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Add trivial test 'dotlrn_community_types', covering 'dotlrn::community_type', 'dotlrn_class::community_type' and 'dotlrn_club::community_type' procs

Delete extra pages

Add 'portal::list_pages_tcl_list' and 'portal::get_portal_template_id' to the 'create_portal_from_template' test case

add option to show student IP address during the exam

use absolute time for computing beeps

Add 'index_unindex' test case, covering 'tsearch2::index', 'tsearch2::unindex' and 'tsearch2::update_index' procs

Test explicitely 'tsearch2::build_query_tcl', now that 'tsearch2::build_query' uses different methods yielding different results, and slight refactoring of the test, using 'aa_equals' instead of 'aa_true' for string comparison

Add simple test case for 'tsearch2::summary'

Add trivial test case for 'tsearch2::driver_info'