Committing some fixes I had in stash since a while for this list interface, essentially fixing bugs.

Thing works properly for my use cases (of then), but probably something that is not a wrapper would be better.

Also removed javascript handler from directly in the markup to the body handler to comply with CSP

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    • +226
-Quoted sqared parenthesis in javascript giving problems to subst.

-Removed unnecessary call again to template::add_body_script

- add missing colon

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- clean dirty buffer

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- fix SQL query

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Replaced 1row bit get_value to get a boolean value

Improve output spec in Rosetta example

Adding another Rosetta example: Multiple distinct objects

Removed inline event handlers from form fields and put them into body event handlers to comply with CSP

Fixed typo: kernel_id instead of $::acs::kernel_id, not yet defined.

- added new function template::add_acs_confirm_handler for standardized confirm interactions ("are you sure") in order to get rid of onclick handlers

- bump version numbers to reflect dependencies

- internationalize member confirm dialog

- replace "javascript:" urls by event listeners

- fix indentation

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- replace onclick/onkeypress handler with listeners

- make expressions more sane

Fixed typo mime_time -> mime_type

- turn javascript: url into an event listener

- use event listener instead of onclick handler

- hint based on "fs_title_msg" is probably not shown since many years.

- remove javascript: urls

- replace onclick/onkeypress handler with listeners

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- replace javascript: urls by event listeners

- replace javascript: urls by event listeners

- get rid of javascript: links

- adding 'unsafe-inline' to list templates until need for "onclick" is removed

- remvoving code that was commented out

- adding nonce values to script tags

- use class = 'button' for non-navigational links

- add nonce

- add validator for forum_ids

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Fixed typo - Thanks to Felix Mödritscher

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Fix path in commit-hook script

Provide a commit-hook script

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

- add thread IDs to debug lines