donb in OpenACS

Update dotlrn package versions to 2.6.0 for the last dotlrn release.

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removed bogus bak directory in scorm-player.

Modified the search callback to return the name of the page that the

content includelet resides upon rather than "Untitled", much in the spirit

of the code that returns the URL of the page rather than of the content

includelet itself.

Fixed ""-must-be-null problem for results returned from the database. I

added a utility in json-procs.tcl to help with this, but since I also needed

to convert PG intervals to the "PT01H02M03.5S" format used by the SCORM RTE

in actuality it's fixed in the scorm player package. But the JSON proc may

be useful for someone else so I left it in ...

Added daveb's fix

Merged oacs-5-7 to HEAD

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Fixed problem with generation of the JSON Activity Tree from the manifest.

got rid of garbage that snuck in some way.

Fixed ailing oracle test ...

Forgot to bump the version to 5.7.0 before regenerating the docs

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5.7.0 core doc html files

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Bumped version number to 5.7.0

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Added a bunch of files ...

Relaxed the requirement that an acs object type's specified table name

actually exists (or is null), due to broken packages like categories.

I even provided an upgrade script and bumped the package version number.

Bump to 5.7.0b1

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Backed out change to make content richtext rather than text, because of

xotcl-core, can't have the type change depending on whether or not that

was previously installed and can't change it to richtext without (probably)

breaking xotcl stuff. Sucks but that's life.

Added rudimentary content repository support.

Argh! "content" wants to be richtext, not text !!!

file upgrade-5.7.0d4-5.7.0d5.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-7.

Kludge around xotcl-core for oracle, as was done earlier for PG.

1. Added "--default foo" style comments to new PL/pgSQL function parameters

because xotcl-core, rather than use the metadata created by define_function_params,

ASSIGNS SEMANTICS TO THESE SQL COMMENTS. Bah. If I truly cared about quality

I'd insist the xotcl people fix their code and do things right, but I know that

would never happen so ... kludge away.

2. xotcl-core adds CR attributes (rather than fix core). So my fixing of

core conflicts, meaning I have to kludge again. Still needs to be fixed

for oracle.

Took out the huge kludge to load xotcl-core during the bootstrap process.

Package libraries are now loaded in dependency, rather than alphabetical,

order so this kludge should no longer be necessary (unless people have not

been keeping their dependencies in order, in which case they should feel

free to fix their packages ...)

Added a couple of CR revision attributes - the oracle equivalent of the

previous PG commit.

Adding a couple of attributes to make packages working with meta-data less

kludgey. PG-only with this commit, Oracle to follow.

bumped version number to 5.7.0d3

Added upgrade script to redefine a couple of plpgsql functions that fail with

later versions of PG due to tighter type checking.

Applied patch from malte which regularizes and escapes newlines in generated

JSON strings.

1. Removed some things that couldn't be implemented easily in oracle

2. Made partial editing of a type's attributes work.

This was left over from dtypes, not used by the AOM.

Fixing many bugs