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1. Removed some things that couldn't be implemented easily in oracle

2. Made partial editing of a type's attributes work.

This was left over from dtypes, not used by the AOM.

- revoked escaped local change

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- reduce verbosity

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- allow missing href attribute, treat it like empty href

adding label tag to input

use parameter for bug name in message key

Fixing many bugs

Hopefully got the friggin' oracle stuff to work, not to mention finding

pg kernel bugs and acs-object-management bugs.

Had to remove the cascade_p feature of the new drop_type procedure, because

implementing it in Oracle would require a huge reorganization of the order

of definition of object and metadata tables and their associated tables,

which just is not going to happen.

Final version of the 5.7 oracle upgrade for acs-kernel (unless CR work

uncovers problems).

export return_url to form

Intermediate check-in of kernel changes for 5.7

*** empty log message ***

Further bug fixing ... hopefully, testing with AOM will tell the tale.

Also bumped *info file.

Fixed a bug with the new version of create_type, found as I was porting to

Oracle (there *is* a use for Oracle, I'll be damned!).

1st draft qf_choices, untested

- Don't require ad_returnfile_background to be a proc

Removed unneeded queries

make description field dates between edit and view more consistent and readable.

Fixed bug in regard to types that require a "to_sql" option to work

correctly. Removed Daveb's kludge to look for to_timestamp() directly.

Fixed bugs in the test code, which was confusing the issue.

Had to add the bleeping time_of_day acs datatype to the templating code.

Believe it or not, "create_type" has never, ever checked to see if the

given supertype is a valid type. The code now verifies that the given

supertype is a child of "acs_object", except when supertype is passed in

as NULL or '' (in which case it's set to acs_object). Only did it for

PostgreSQL since it's been around forever and whatever Oracle users don't

know, won't hurt them.

Typo on proc docu.

- improve the exerimental support of ckedit to allow some more configurations

Foreach assignees was iterating on the names of the array instead of on the values

- allow workflow instances to be included in weblog listings

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- handle potential enconding problems in update_query

Bumped kernel to 5.7.0d4. Modified acs-object-management package to reflect

the fact that attribute and type stuff was moved to acs-kernel.

- fix sloppy pseudo-comments to silence automated testing

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