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got rid of garbage that snuck in some way.

Bring PostgreSQL functions closer to the current level of PL/pgSQL:

- upgrade PL/pgSQL functions to the $$ notation (recommended since pg8.0, jan 2005).

- get rid of backslash usages in function definitions

- drop aliases in favor of named function arguments (recommended since pg8.0)

- fix wrong function_args, add missing function_args, align default semantics

with the defaults in pg (providing "null" as default means the argument is


- change return types of triggers from "opaque" to "trigger" (recommended since pg8.0)

- unify names of triggers *_tr

- removed some version dependencies of pg 7.2 and 7.3

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Bumping up version numbers for core packages to 5.8.0d1

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- use function args when they are provided for determining the parameters for xo::db::sql::* functions

- provide some more fixes for buggy function args

Fixed ailing oracle test ...

Revert unintended change

Revert unintended change

Set log format according openacs one

- improve caching for random pages in aolserver

- add caching to the random-form-page includelet

- fix typo

bump version number

Fix search delete trigger

clearly nobody's ever called this proc - fixed small typo

Forgot to bump the version to 5.7.0 before regenerating the docs

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5.7.0 core doc html files

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Bumped version number to 5.7.0

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No need to set package_id here ( set previously by package initialization at the beginning of the script )

- avoid attempts to resolve "self" from tcl function frames ( ref: http://fisheye.openacs.org/changelog/OpenACS?cs=MAIN%3Agustafn%3A20101030220758 )

Added a bunch of files ...

Relaxed the requirement that an acs object type's specified table name

actually exists (or is null), due to broken packages like categories.

I even provided an upgrade script and bumped the package version number.

Using the right message key for attribute pretty_plural.

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Fix page title

Removing wrongly named upgrade script. Otherwise it appears at the top of the list for scripts to be ran when upgrading. Content is included on upgrade script upgrade-5.7.0d10-5.7.0d11.sql anyway.

Bump to 5.7.0b1

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- add a minimal adp template for mobile apps

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- fix pattern for mobile detection, include form paramteres only for POST

- make sure to include header info for mobile edit

- add explicit dependency to acs-subsite to xowiki

- bump version numbers

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