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Took out the huge kludge to load xotcl-core during the bootstrap process.

Package libraries are now loaded in dependency, rather than alphabetical,

order so this kludge should no longer be necessary (unless people have not

been keeping their dependencies in order, in which case they should feel

free to fix their packages ...)

Added missing quotes

Include last session renew time in ad_session_id cookie so we can compare expiration independent of validity

Don't discard session cookie if its expired, go to login handler.

Translation to spanish

Added fix to make session_id cookie persistent if you checked remember me

Localization and translation into spanish

Localization and translation into spanish

Localization and translation into spanish

Added a couple of CR revision attributes - the oracle equivalent of the

previous PG commit.

Adding a couple of attributes to make packages working with meta-data less

kludgey. PG-only with this commit, Oracle to follow.

bumped version number to 5.7.0d3

Added upgrade script to redefine a couple of plpgsql functions that fail with

later versions of PG due to tighter type checking.

i18n of the user interface

Fix call to content::type::is_content_type. Switch name is object_type not content_type

Add title to the search input since there is no label (WCAG2). Added corresponding message key and its translation to spanish.

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Don't compute deleted messages when counting translated/untranslated messages for a locale and package

When inviting users from the main site, show only the form to add a new user since searching for an existing one makes no sense.

A new user would be added as administrator when he was added to the main site. Fix for this.

Add semantic to the form "required" mark.

Use form buttons for bulk actions in list template (WCAG2)

adding flexibility for passing 'checked' as well as 'selected' in qf_options, to be consistent with passing 'selected' as well as 'checked' in qf_input.

fixing application of attributes in qf_choice

adding/improving proc documentation, adding qf_choice changes to qf_choices.

fixed qf_choice; now works for radio and input list. Need to make similar fixes on qf_choices.

more fixes for qf_choice and qf_choices

fixes to qf_choice, qf_choices, qf_options

- disallow "/" in names to avoid confusion with foders

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calendar popup fixes - date range and month combo box display quirk

calendar popup widget fixes

- add attribute order to ::xowiki::Link::css