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get rid of ancient parameters BootstrapCSS BootstrapJS, if these still exist

remove spans for file-links and external links

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remove colons before object_id, otherwise there is an error from general comments

fix message key

added URNs for toplevel YUI js files

improve stylability: add glyphicons for external and file links

Many thanks to Monika Andergasse for the help!

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Reduce hardcoded execs: the util might be improved to avoid them at some point

Use common interface for object reference in bulk actions

- use same interface in child-resources and form-usages (when bulk-actions are used)

- move "get_ids_for_bulk_actions" from page to package (to make in usable in www/admin)

- use consistently "get_ids_for_bulk_actions" (also in www/admin/*.tcl)

- provide backward compatibility (still support "name" and "-parent_id")

distinguish between url and item_ref

don't rely on uppercase header field names

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whitespace changes

fix typoCVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

add transtional code to support semi-upgraded folders (having no description field set)

switch to simple new group::update call with dict as argument

This change fixes as well a bug in install::xml::action::set-join-policy

since group::get returns a member "text" which is not accepted by


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provide additional configuration hooks when creating new pages

- p.source (copy variables from that site-wide page upon creation)

- p.configure (call a method for configuration of the page)

provide mimetype to "text" field (otherwise form is incorrectly displayed in browser)

Port of downstream behavior:

create_link instproc is supposed to return an object. In case of error, just crash and let the anchor insproc handle the exception, instead of trying to use the error message as an object.

relax url detection

add check if item_id exists

fix typo in log statement

Added points in addition to minutes to test items and inclass-exam workflows

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return raw value for form-fields of type label, when disableOutputEscaping is set

use localized_text for folders and links

no need to subst

resolve message keys in titles

reduce verbosity

factor out script wrappers

fix typo

undo recent changes on too global localizations

The new form-field class localized_text text solves the goals

of for providing a formfield interface to message keys in a

loca fashion rather than altering the behavior of all form

field and of all property interfaces.

New form-field class: localized_text

This class can be used to provide an interface for specifying

internationalized text strings saved in message keys via input

from a form. When editing the content provided via the input field

is saved together with an item-specific message keys in the

message key tables via lang::util::convert_to_i18n.

This formfield class is especially useful for xowiki items which

have no language-prefix (e.g. folders or links). In other cases it

is probably still a better idea to create same named pages with

different language prefixes.