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- do not add a language prefix on links. This fixes now as well the old xowiki regression test

shorten overlong lines

prefer access to instance variable via name resolver when appropriate

avoid overlong line and produce nicer URLs

- omit language prefix on newborn pages: now, all openacs regression test for xowiki work cleanly

pass "-page" to pretty_link in child-resources to ensure omitted language prefix on folders

- provide a better fix for name disambiguation between folders and same named (language prefixed) pages

- extend regression test

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don't use non-existing method name in test specification.

This fixes a bug on openacs.org in source search of API browser.

TODO: the procs specified in the test definition (aa_register_case)

should be checked for existence.

add test case to show nameclash-behavior between folder and item

fix regression test when system locale is en_US

fix regression test cases. Works correct now with system locale en_US

let test run without runtime errors

Preserve old logic on total size increment

Whitespace changes

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Use 'util::content_size_pretty' instead of manually prettifying data sizes

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Keep the eventual language prefix in the name, as it is useful to distinguish e.g. pages from folders with the same name

improve spelling

new includelet: link-with-local-return-url: insert a link with extra return URL pointing the current object.

improve robustness in view-mode

improve configurability of menu entries: support passing extra query parameters

improve configuratbility of make_form_link: support passing extra query parameters

use glyphicons for file types in file listings (e.g. child-resources)

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web-callable method list: add optional parameter "children" to allow listing of arbitrary children of an item

add missing colon

make object adressing more consistent

fix typo

replace hardcoded /tmp by API function [ad_tmpdir]

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don't hardcode /tmp/

simplify file delivery modes

use same idioms for checking for exising commands

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