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bump version number to force update of message catalog

Improved styling of delete buttons

Added code to configure file-upload button (for now deactivated)

improve spelling and comments

improve spelling

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form-field repeat: make "add another" label configurable per form-field type

ensure, that the minimal set of controls is provided, also, when there are hidden form fields

improve spelling

improved comments

change tcl arrays into dicts

break overlong lines

fix propagation of validate results in old-style (ad_form-based) forms. One should really switch to FormPages soon.

stylistic changes

Add missing parameter in doc

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remove empty descriptions from display, remove deactivated CSS class.

Improved handling of link and child resources of forms

- test-item-procs: use resolve context to resolve e.g. images in the context of the original form

(many thanks to Thomas Renner for the suggestion)

- added extra argument "-context_obj" to substitute_markup to ease client code

- inclass-exam-answer.wf: reduced the db interactions by using form_info for form generation

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don't clobber xo::cc url when already initialized

Apply a mild filename sanitization to the file formfield

Whitespace cleanup

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Fix typo spotted by acs_api_browser_api_get_body automated test

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Provide a URL when requiring a connection context

include public methods called via the web interface in listing of tested methods.

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mark functions for administrative proposes as private

report points from text_fields (used in short-text questions) when available

generalize correct_when handling: allow for every modifier a "-nocase" option

reorder_box: provide correction_data

reduce verbosity

provide a short hint how to allow swa always pasting

allow points computation in cases, where some grading schemes fail.

Before, the grading code was overly conservative and refused to

compute achieved points in such cases

new form-field class: boolean_checkbox

behaves like boolean, but provdes just a single checkbox instead of yes/no radio in "boolean"

the output is full compatible with "boolean".

The boolean_checkbox is used in test-item procs for a more slim correct/incorrect specification

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fixed ckeditor form field for inline mode.

use inline mode for editing test items

added a describe funtion for MC items

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