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reduce verbosity

use new form-field type "correct_when"

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- improved source code documentation

- improved checking, when ID or object is returned

- new interaction type text_entry_interaction (abbreviated as "te" in test_item question_type)

create multipe text interactions

- added autocorrection via "correct_when" to text interaction and text_entry_interaction

- improved source code documentation

- break overlong lines

- removed usages of :instvar

- still TODO: base mc question on complex formfile types rather than HTML primitives,

since this allows better adoption to different rendering styles and better feedback modes

improve query parameter validation

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ensure revision exists in db before expiring it + don't wait 60 seconds before starting repeating atjob checker

prefer "nsf::is object" over ":isobject" or "info commands", since it is faster, more generic and can be used in all contexts

execute the atjobs as close as possible to the full minute (see suggestion #3415)

use creation_user parameter on save_new, so that the party_id is recognized as creation_user

modernize code: use resolver variables rather than method calls

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Use a safer varname for xowf tests as well

reduce dependency on current user and system locale for test results

reduce dependency on current user and system locale for test results

Fix workflow_constructs automated test: in this case, workflow context is not resolved and "::" is returned instead, which is not a command and would make this proc fail

don't catch all render_icon calls

- added support for render_icon method

- improved error messages

added an addtional interaction type for uploading files upload_interaction

the basic interaction types are now:

- text_interaction

- upload_interaction

- mc_interaction (supporting as well single choice)

output warnings when workflow constructs are created shadowing potentially global commands

use same idioms for checking for exising commands

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let actions to use ad_script_abort to avoid saving of the attributes

prefer package object over plain id

prefer package object over plain id

removed commented out code

- modernize code (remove "my")

- prefer fully qualified commands based on IDs

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Make sure init test classes are named differently, or xowiki tests will interfere with xowf ones

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add a comment easier to understand by the casual reader

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Remove irrelevant comments

Require a special test instance for xowf tests as well

improve spelling

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call validator method on "Properties"

make sure to quote error message properly