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inclass-exam: report state durations on overview page (published, exam_review)

- added name validator for site-wide pages

- updated site-wide pages

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widen field width for numeric values

improve SQL quoting

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add grading table and grading stats

improve print output

initialze variable always

refactor code to keep workflow definition shorter

add grading statistics to exam protocol

deactivate grading in tabular view

protect against over-aggressive downstream styling

add autograding table (not functional yet)

handle dfferent time setting between server and client (browser)

fix typo

added more details (synchronized/not) for exam management page

reduce verbosity

- base percentage on results on total points,

- add confirm dialog on submit exam

- show audio on more browsers properly

improve robustness of percentage computaiton, in case there are 0 points in total

added participants list to inclass exam

reduce width of horizontal input field

improve robustness, in case user delete minutes from test item

Added grading info to exam protocol, when autograding is active.

Added information about resonable settings for shuffling in an exam

Added information for teacher whether student exam review is possible

Added correct solution hints for SC and MC (to be displayed in exam protocol)

activate live update

remove header in answer workflow, when parent workflow has proctoring enables

remove return button for student exam review

keep height of timer constant, also, when its empty

fix accidentially dropped message keys

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added a state for exam review for students

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provide meta-data about exam in "created" state

detail-view: show images up to the selected revision