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Added support for row-level lock modes of PostgreSQL; used in "save" method of cr-items

This change is necesary to avoid potential dead-locks in concurrent "save" operations

improve spelling

improve robustness of table sort links, when called without connection

fix spelling

improve comments

Add missing parameter in doc

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replace array by dict, provide error message, when someone tries to setup a connection context without a proper url

provide explicit url when manually creating a connection context

improve comments and rise warning, when best-effort url is generated

Provide a fallback empty URL when one tries to require the connection context without one and outside of a connection

refactor code and use caching to reduce (maybe overly cautious) flushes on site_nodes_id_cache-*

improve spelling

whitespace changes

added missing eval statement

improve wording

provide minimal feedback when enforce permission fails in background operation

added value checker from page filters to slots: "nohtml" and "html"

Made flowplayer more secure by reject markup in argument

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Remove 'check_xotcl_xocc' test case, as it has served its purpose already

Add 'check_xotcl_xocc' test case, checking for 'xo::cc'.

The intention of this test is to expose the destruction of the '::xo::cc' object, as a side effect of the 'check_xotcl' test. The test will fail if executed after it, and succeed otherwise.

The object destruction affects other tests executed in the same batch, and breaks in particular xowf's 'create_folder_with_page'.

The 'check_xotcl' test runs the 'Serializer all' method, which is calling 'xo::at_cleanup', destroying the '::xo::cc' object.

added NSF version to reported version numbers

skip hidden fields to avoid empty td elements for the user

perform cleanup of WorkflowContainer after 10 minutes

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address the update_attribute_from_slot problem for extended slots

by registering manual forwarders

fix installation from scratch (actually phase immediately after installing via apm)

file xotcl-init.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

don't rely on uppercase header field names

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support folder instances as prototype pages

Fix missing column in sql statement

reduce usage of idiom "select 1 from dual where exists" when not necessary

some packages have high number of instances: no need to aggregate over these