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Use the paremeter 'LoginPasswordAutocomplete' to decide on the value of the attribute for the password element in the login form

Whitespace changes + Editor hints

Disable autocomplete on login password field on 'openacs-bootstrap3-theme'

Make sure, the pull-down login window does not hide under navbar

(e.g. when xowiki menubar is shown)

improve interaction between OpenACS default rules with bootstrap rules

use proper bootstrap botton CSS classes

- bump version number of bootstrap to 3.4.1

- use jquery 3.4.0

- use URN for jquery (one should probably create a own jquery package, although, jquery is losing it importance)

- make use of new "create_or_replace" feature of acs-subsite

add resource map file to extraFiles when downloading bootstrap

Update message key

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Update message key

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update message catalog

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fix site issue #139

Replace ad_decode idiom

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Replace single quotes wuith double quotes in javascript expressions involving acs_ListBulkActionClick

this is really needed only for the URL part, but was done on the name as well for consistency. The reason

is even a properly encoded URL could still contain single quotes, therefore breaking the expression,

while double quotes are expected to be encoded in valid, urlencoded URLs. This relies on trusting the developer

to properly encode URLs, which should be expected. An alternative could involve active escaping of

javascript special characters by e.g. ad_js_escape.

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allow passing of pretty_names that contain content including less and greater sign

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remove unneeded feature (see issue #3364)

use URN in all capitals

don't raise exception when running without connection

improve spelling

bump jquery version to 1.12.3

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add missing .woff2 file

increase code sharing: use adp-include check-installed instead of local version

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introduce a urnMap in resource_info as a generalizable solution

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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Fix typo, normalize indentation

make all keys of the resource_info dict camel case

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- provide a neutral appearance, different from

(different color, remove OpenACS logo, ....)

- make use uf URNs for bootstrap

(allow sharing of bootstrap definitions, avoid multiple loading)

- upgrade bootstrap from 3.1.1 to 3.3.7

- add support for CDN vs. local installation of bootstrap

- added sitewide-admin procs for managing local installation (via /acs-admin)

- improve passing arguments to <widgets>

- bump version number to 5.10.0d2

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Use finer grained api for person information and consider that new api won't fail when no person exists

Use finer grained api in different if branches

Prefer again 'person::name', as the proc has been reimplemented using 'person::get_person_info', which uses the new 'person_info_cache' cache.

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Whitespace changes

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