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Test cornercase encountered in practice: a user claims a timezone different to that of the system and creates a calendar item in various formats

This test currently fails, because when we convert the time between the user and the system timezone, we are too strict and allow only the "long" timestamp format "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"

Extend test cases

Assume a cal_item is also an acs_object

Qualify source tables in query

Extend testing of data validation

Revert latest changes: the root cause was found to be in downstream-only code

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Cleanup empty strings from the id list

Prefer an idiom that will tolerate the empty string among the id values

Prefer cached api

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Test checking for attachments availability by providing explicit package_id

Do not require a connection context to determine whether attachments are enabled on a certain package and provide explicit available information instead

Make sure the cal item notification has at least 1 subscriber

Use a test admin user to run the ics test

Fix typos

Make calendar::get_month_multirow_information private: its purpose is very specific to the usage in the month view

Deprecate calendar::assign_permissions, trivial wrapper to the permission api

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Deprecate calendar::item::assign_permission, trivial wrapper to the permission api

One can in fact replace the only occurrence by granting the admin permission on the item.

Update tests to demonstrate that the behavior remains the same.

Deprecated api, update documentation

Deprecate long-abandoned api

Increase proc coverage

Increase proc coverage

Accomodate the test for downstream, where the notification object depends on whether the calendar is private or not

Localize the notification mode as we do downstream, fix test so that the notification generated internally by calendar::item::new is detected, rather than a dummy one

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Detect when permission caching is enabled and flush the permission cache in this case

Formatting changes, use more appropriate operator

Fix typo, formatting changes

Increae proc coverage

Increase proc coverage

Deprecate calendar::make_datetime less useful than it used to be

Increase proc coverage