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Close brackets as pointed out by files__tcl_file_syntax_errors

whitespace changes

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add ad_include_contract

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fix error, when application is added

Safety belt so users cannot change URL of the main subsite from the UI

Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

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Replace ad_decode idioms, improve legibility

Replace ad_decode idioms

Replace ad_decode idiom

Replace ad_decode idioms

fix for bug #3375: set fully qualified url for instance_name

Provide some basic way to create subgroups via the UI

Actually store the group name in the UI by intercepting the right form var

Move logics to delete a group type into the API

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Fix quoting of group type

Use ad_include_contract for this include page

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Fix typos in query

Move some quoting in the api

Fix typo: new relation would be added always for the latest segment

Replace stored procedures with inline queries and reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

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Fix typos

Recover include intended behavior:

this include was supposedly looking at subgroups of the provided group_id (clearly stated in the doc), while in fact scope was always forcefully set on package_id from the connection

Streamline multirow creation

Redefine include as ad_include_contract with docs and parameters in the right place

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Remove unneeded statements

Fix typo

improve formatting.

refactoring personal site maps (/site-map/) has still to be done

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change queries on site-node tree from tree_sortkey to recursive queries

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Whitespace changes

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Fix typos

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