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Deprecate trivial empty_string_p

improve spelling

use same idioms for checking for exising commands

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whitespace changes

handle memuints for stacksize

Whitespace cleanup

Replace ad_decode idioms

improve spelling

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make sure to populate global variable for different notations of the default database

Bring files on oacs-5-10 in sync with HEAD

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no need to call private function of other package

Fix missing close bracket

improve spelling

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add missing proc_doc

Whitespace cleanup

Fix doc typos

Document the use of the parameter 'args' containing a list of a variable number of arguments

apm_source and apm_guess_db_type are called from multiple packages

Whitespace changes

Fix misleading and uncoherent 'ad_dispatch' proc documentation, discovered using the 'documentation__check_parameters' test.

improve spelling

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procdoc change: Preserve pre-existing values, e.g. from testcases, which might be loaded in a different order (testcase might be loaded before proc)

.CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

remove dead code

Fix typos

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fix for #3354.

bump version number to 5.10.0d5

improve spelling

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Fix typos

Make sure namespaced variable ::acs::db_pools is created before accessing it

This is needed when upgrading from openacs versions that didn't use this variable before

Fix typo

Port of downstream changes: use namespaced variables instead of nsvs