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Fix typos

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Whitespace changes

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Fix typos and wording.

create folder only if it not already exists

Removed obsolete @arch-tag

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Removed obsolete @arch-tag

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- removed extra colons

- streamline layout of test cases

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Whitespace changes

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Fix parameter name in proc doc and add brief descriptions

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Remove commented leftover debugging statement, add comment about why we need to name the list by folder_id

Put template::list name back as parametric, because this code might be included multiple times

Redefine this page as ad_include_contract, therefore removing all hardcoded variable checks and exploit builtin checks, remove duplicated definitions and queries, streamline template::list definitions in a way its is readable and simpler to maintain

Pass also orderby to the includelet

Trim whitespaces

Remove unnecessary parentheses and idioms, state query variables explicitly

don't pass deprecated argumentent "-user_id" to fs::get_folder_contents_count

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Move callback hooks definitions together with their siblings, add documentation to public procs (fixes automated tests)

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Add documentation for public procs (fixes automated tests)

Add documentation to public callback hook (fixes automated tests)

Set package_id explicitly as the main subsite package, as ad_conn package_id could not be properly initialized when a system was freshly restarted

Prefer 'person::name' to 'acs_user::get_element ... -name'

Fiy typo

Deprecated leftover parameter from year 2002

Exploit api instead of using local sql

Localize possible I18n message in folder name

While working on reducing divergencies between oracle and postgres codebase and testing changes I have found the following issues:

- fs::add_created_version.new_text_revision query was defined in postgres only

- version-delete and folder-delete were broken in case notification was enabled,

because this was issued after object was deleted and therefore all references

needed to build notification message were missing (and query failed looking up the object)

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Whitespace changes

Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase and remove redundant statements

Dont even offer to delete the root folder as this is prevented anyway

whitespace cleanup

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