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Added HashKeyPartitionedCache:

This is type of cache is like a "KeyPartitionedCache" but works as

well with strings as keys while the "KeyPartitionedCache" requires numeric


mark "acs_lookup_magic_object" explicit as deprecated,

use "acs_magic_object" instead (which is per-thread cached)

fix output from tcltrace procs

Remove ID size restriction in regexp

flush per_request_cache also when patterns are flushed

Increase the id length check by regexp in 'application_data_link::scan_for_links'

Use 'acs_testing' authority in 'party_procs_test' test case

Use 'acs_testing' authority in 'person_procs_test' tet case

reduce verbosity

add callback invocation into parameter::set_global_value and parameter::set_value

to achieve a more consistent behavior

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Fallback to 'util_current_location' when 'ad_url' returns an empty string, such in cases when the SystemUrl is not set, on the util_http_json_encoding testcase

added missing editor hints

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whitespace changes

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Add an exception for the 'berkdb' command, defined in the global namespace by the Berkeley DB Tcl extension, to the 'naming__proc_naming testcase'

Add exceptions for some commands defined in the global namespace by the 'Trf' Tcl extension to the 'naming__proc_naming testcase'

provide compatibility wrappers for AOLserver and NaviServer before 4.99.17

Add xml-rpc system.* methods as exceptions in the naming__proc_naming test.

The xml-rpc package defines procs of the form system.*, that not only pollute the root namespace, but also contain the '.' character, which is not allowed by OpenACS naming standards.

The package is designed in a way that XML-RPC methods are implemented as 'ad_procs' of the same name (see package doc), and the system.* methods are standard XML-RPC methods (see XML-RPC spec). One could also expect current users of the package to have their own local 'whatever.verb' methods/ad_procs in the root namespace as well. Until future refactoring of the package to decouple XML-RPC method and proc names is done, this exception is added.

improve spelling

fix for issue #3387: ad_return_complaint can reveal error call stacks to end users

remove useless semicolon

Add an exception for the operators implemented as procs in the context of the functional programming logic, on 'acs-tcl/tcl/ad-functional-procs.tcl', to the 'naming__proc_naming' test case. While some of them have names that are not compliant with OpenACS naming conventions, like '-' or '/', replacing them with other symbols is non-trivial and could make things more confusing

Add an exception for the 'dom' proc, defined in tDom, to the 'naming__proc_naming' test case

Add an exception for procs defined inside ns/aolserver modules, such as h264*, on the 'naming__proc_naming' test case

fix typo - deprecated proc should be defined with the old naming convention

Prefer api to retrieve csp nonce, as it performs useful existance checks

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Trim trailing ? to normalize -base URL, if variables are there to be exported, the question mark will be added properly

Introduce two new export_vars tests exposing that, when base URL ends with a ?, result is not what the user should expect

Relax the test by enforcing the locale from the system, rather than that from the client context

Satisfy acs-tcl.postman_echo test case for curl http client implementation:

as with curl we always spool the body of requests into a file, we need to convert to the proper encoding even when this is already that of the system

Improve test results visibility