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added comments and portlets locations for default ports

security::locations: return configured servers from the driver/servers section

additionally, improve caching

Quote URL in the redirect

ease tracking of warnings of check_deprecated test

This change actually needs the newest api-doc, but we can't add the cyclic dependency

switch to new lintian typo dictionary, adapted to the new format

    • -7673
    • +590
added icanuse for "ns_pg pid"

Ease the transition from no_empty to no_cache flag on this public api

avoid errors on attacks against request header field "Upgrade-Insecure-Requests"

Extended LockfreeCache:

- Feneralized flag "-no_empty" of "LockfreeCache eval" to "-no_cache LIST"

The provided list can contain multiple values that should not be cached.

- The new parameter "-from_cache_indicator" can be used to return information

whether the returned value was returned from the cache or not.

provide as well a minimal compatibility for "-size" parameter on ns_baseunit

use ns_baseunit for time span calculation

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added a partial backwards compatibility implementation of for ns_baseunit (as used in request processor)

move broken procs based on undefined function to decprecated procs and comment it out

correct comment

Fix typo

Streamline idiom and merge if condition

Fix typo

Streamline ns_set idioms

Whitespace cleanup

Streamline ns_set idiom

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Move deprecated api out of the way

Streamline ns_set idioms

Streamline ns_set idioms

Streamline ns_set idiom

Deprecate oacs_util::vars_to_ns_set: modern ns_set idioms make this proc obsolete

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Deprecate ad_tcl_vars_list_to_ns_set: modern ns_set idioms make this proc obsolete

Deprecate ad_tcl_vars_to_ns_set: modern ns_set idioms make it obsolete

Streamline ns_set idioms

Deprecate util_ns_set_to_list: ns_set array is an equivalent oneliner

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Streamline ns_set idioms