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Trim whitespace

Repair form validation of URL

New test to check whether configured news feeds look ok

Fix typo or this file would not load

fix typo

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Trim whitespace

Fix typo

Replace array idioms with dict idioms

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whitespace changes

since test case ids are only significant per package_key, record such pairs in procdoc data structure

don't raise error on wrong inputs

Display warnings in the test results page

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improve testcases by removing useless expr commands

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update tutorial: don't recommend to use "expr" for aa_true or aa_false

procdoc change: Preserve pre-existing values, e.g. from testcases, which might be loaded in a different order (testcase might be loaded before proc)

.CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

improve testcases by removing useless expr commands

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make tested procs explicit

improve testcases by removing useless expr commands

make feedback from testruns nicer (remove redundant messages)

Declass constraint names breaking the very strict OpenACS naming convention from errors to warnings

Rationale: it is sometimes impossible to have constraint names that are both < 30 chars and consistent with the naming scheme 'table_name'_'column_name'_'constraint_type' for all those defined on a particular table (see e.g. acs_named_objects).

Breaking this convention might be suboptimal, but is not harmful in itself.

flush per-request cache (fixes regression test properly)

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simplify code

improve testcase viewing page:

- use syntax highlighting to testcase body

- fix label for body:

* just use numbering when appropriate

* start numbering of bodies with 1

improve test cases: align comment with operations, remove useless "expr" commands

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improve log message to be able to distinguish between multiple commands with different parameters

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Make string_truncate behave as before (looking for spaces at end_position + 1) and therefore not breaking tests for ad_html_text_convert. Update docs so this property of being less or equal than len is clearly specified

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Revert change... more investigation needed

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Trim whitespace

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node_id shoudl probably be parent_id (fixes automated tests)

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Trim whitespace