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Add all whitespace characters between double quotes when converting a dict to hstore

Many thanks to Guenter Ernst for the analysis.

Extended regression test

Add minimal test case for 'attachments::get_package_key'

Add minimal test case for 'dt_midnight_p'

- fixed display of total points in exam protocol: base calculations on total points rather than the points achievable based on progress

- fixed typo in message key

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Improved handling of autosaved revisions

- reject autosave attempts when time for a student is up

(works for synchronized and non-synchronized exams)

- include submissions with autosaved content in exam protocol (even when state is "initial")

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    • +34
Fix typo

show personal bulk-notification link only if at least one user can receive the notification

Improve zip file download solution: instead of a link to be clicked, stay closer to previous implementation and trigger the download automatically by including an invisible iframe pointing to the file in the user message

avoid potential loss of submission data on "publish" operations

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support multiple autosave fields on a single page

file download-zip-2.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Implement a simple "progress-bar" interaction when one downloads a zip file:

file is generated while the progress bar is running and the download link is generated and served to the user as part of a util_user_message

Move operations so that they are closer to their computation's actual usage

We are only interested in the side effects of this computation

Break overlong line

Take more advantage of exception handling

Simplify determining outfile destination

Fix english of query name

Check objects ids all in one query, before any further action is taken

file upgrade-5.10.0d14-5.10.0d15.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Use 'revision_id' as a tiebreaker in case creation_date is the same, which can happen if different revisions were created inside a single transaction.

Update doc

Prefer returning forbidden, unauthorized actually asks for authentication

Fix typo

Safe Exam Browser support reform:

- capture both RequestHash and ConfigKeyHash from the request headers and use both to validate the request. This enables to choose to just enforce the plain conf, instead of the whole conf+binaries combination, which is platform-specific

- support storing multiple keys, required e.g. to support multiple platform-specific keys

- make suppling of the config file optional

- extend automated tests to cover new features

- clanup redundant index

- return config file using its stored filename

file upgrade-1.5.1-2.0.0.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Working on changelog [skip ci]

Continue working on release documents [skip ci]

Correct hash challenging:

actually, the hash sent by the browser changes based on the requested URL, so it does not make sense to set it directly.

fix once more handling of internal redirects in error cases

many thanks to thomas renner!