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improve documentation

reduce verbosity

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don't poll in "initial" or "created" state

- foster standardized message keys for menu entries

- provide message key for interaction types

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- added public method "result_table"

- added "back" button to result table and exam protocol

use same style as in online-exam.wf

fix handling of return_url for www-delete.

set MenuBar propperty only during rendering (not on initialization)

- distinguish between item_nr (for displaying item number) and position (from available items)

- provide hint for clearning menu

- activate live updates for online exam

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provide hint for clearning menuCVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

print-answers: sort answers by username

improve spelling

add comment to clarify meaning of "current_position"

improve example menu in comment to include a separater after items

use explicit "create" statments

remove spurious colons

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add item shuffling for test item procs and do some minor refactoring

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add minutes string to exam protocol

add support for multi-line entries in short_text answers

minor refactoring to general handling of printing minutes per question

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inclass-quizz: support as well participants, which are not logged-in

improve internationalization

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more polishing of message keys and code

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improve responsiveness

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make URL hacking less enjoyable

remove dead code

fix typo in comment

fix typo

verworked test-item procs:

- new teacher-paced inclass quiz

- support for different shuffling options (never, always, per-user)

- support for subsections (single and multiple choice, short text questsion)

- support for answer hints for short text questions (single word, multiple words, ...)

- new API for question and answers for student-paced and

teacher-paced scenarios using on the following objects

* renaming_form_loader

- answer_attributes

- answer_for_form

- answers_for_form

- form_name_based_attribute_stem

- get_form_object

- rename_attributes

* question_manager

- goto_page

- more_ahead

- current_question_form

- current_question_obj

- current_question_name

- current_question_title

- nth_question_obj

- nth_question_form

- combined_question_form

- question_objs

- question_names

- question_property

* answer_manager

- create_workflow

- delete_all_answer_data

- get_answer_wf

- get_wf_instances

- get_answers

- marked_results

- answers_panel

- special policies for workflows, defined as per-workflow policies.

- improved i18n

- improved styling

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file inclass-quiz.wf was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

add fingerprinting to results