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fix sort-handles for list-table

before this change, the sort-handles were only styled for

tables of CSS class table, for the CSS class "list-table",

the sorting indicators were undistinguishable

set type description for ::xowiki::formfield::monaco

set type description for ::xowiki::formfield::reorder_box and ::xowiki::formfield::file

fix incorrect names in .xql files

whitespace cleanup

improve spelling

whitespace changes

S: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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better status course for calls with unknown resources

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make parsing more robust

allow to view workflow files via API browser

new partial index for a common query

... checking for "approved" members

fix escaped line

logout action of inclass-exam-answer: perform a redirect to a return_url when provided

Replace ad_tmpnam with new tmpfile api, cleanup temporary files

reduce verbosity

Make use of new API "ad_mktmpdir" and "ad_opentmpfile" instead of "ad_tmpnam"

make use of "prevent-double-click"

improve spelling

Make use of new API "ad_mktmpdir" and "ad_opentmpfile" instead of "ad_tmpnam"

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Set "softrecreate" in nsf o avoid full cleanup on redefinition of classes

Fixed missing update_content-lob.set_content

Added missing set_content SQL statement for updating revisions stored in LOBs.

This statement was already missing in the release of OpenACS 5.10.0.

LOBs are for PostgreSQL somewhat depreacted and these are just there for

legacy applications.

fix typo

initialize list for cases, where no parameters are provided.

not sure, whether such requests are useful, nut at least, these

should not error out.

Fix typo

prefer adp:icon over old-style actions in square braces

New package parameter for acs-tcl: DbLogMinDuration

This parameter can be used to adjust the time threshold for longdb

warnings in the log file. When SQL logging is turned on, it might

also adjust the threshold, unless it is already more sensitive.

Bump version number to 5.10.1d25.

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fix broken HTML

add the daydifference to listing of long calls, when this was more than one day ago

improve spelling

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improve spelling