antoniop in OpenACS

Improve documentation

Deprecate duplicated and untested proc auth::driver::GetParameters

Fix reported api, extend test

Extend test to cover more api

New test for auth::authority::edit and auth::authority::get_element

Allow numbers in the first part of a proc name when counting its length in a way that apidoc::tclcode_to_html won't generate false positives when e.g. an XoTcl object called "9" exists and a word contains the character "9"

Use existing api

Create new test for auth::authority::delete, make sure lookup cache is flushed in the (unlikely) case that an authority is deleted

Make bogus value even more random

Add new test for apidoc::tclcode_to_html proc

New test for apidoc::format_see, fix doc according to its real behavior

New test for apidoc::format_author, improve documentation

Deprecate broken proc api_type_documentation and remove its leftover usages, in a script that is also broken

New test for api_script_documentation

New test for api_read_script_documentation

New test for api_proc_pretty_name and api_proc_url procs

Improve test scalability

Fix admin index page, using broken api_proc_link

Deprecated broken and unused api_proc_link

New test for api_proc_documentation, which brought to deprecation of the -format flag, because it has no effect

New test for api_get_body (which actually proves itself more useful to spot typos in procs around)

Fix brackets in expression

Close bracket and enjoy the fruits of automated testing

New test for api_describe_function

New test for api_apropos_functions

New test for acs_api_browser_api_add_to_proc_doc

Document chat api using ad_* api facilities

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Automated test for merge::MergeUserInfo

Reimplement portrait retrieval around the user_portrait relationship, as procs such as merge::MergeUserInfo do not assume a certain name format on the cr_item

Whitespace cleanup