gustafn in OpenACS

preserve colors for printing "match-contains" and "match-contains-not"

Background: bootstrap.css removes all backgrounds per default.

whitespace changes

whitespace changes (eliminate tabs)

improve spelling

Refactored exam protocol renderers

The new code reduces the sinze of significantly by

moving the exam protocol into test-item-procs.tcl. In the same step,

the largish function was split up, the rendering functions of

submissions are now named consistently, and there are now different

functions for rendering single items vs. many items, making the

single-item rendering reusable. Additionally, the answer manager is

documented in a more eye-friendly and modular way.

    • -328
    • +26
    • -154
    • +722
prefer var over proc

    • -1
    • +2
removed further "global" statments

improved listing of covered procs

added minor debugging aids, make disk-cache more similar to ns_cache

Reduced number of "global" statements (which are often not used and probably leftovers from ancient times)

improve type setting

For whatever reason, spaces are missing in the final .adp files

improve typesetting

reduce redundancy in adp file

pass selected categories from top-level overview to per-package tests

fix broken test category handling

previously, the exclusion categories were provided as categories, but the "real" categories could not be selected. An in case they were selected via query-parameter, filtering was broken.

improve comments

    • -28
    • +44
provide an analysis method for cleared input (callable for swas via method blank-inputs)

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    • +21
    • -0
    • +142
provide means to show submissions of students per test item

    • -21
    • +33
    • -10
    • +30
allow to specify max upload size in configuration file in KB or MB

improve spelling

improve error messages for autosave-handler

added type per question to exam overview

provide a nicer exam-overview

    • -26
    • +81
intensify argument checking

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    • +1
    • -3
    • +3
    • -2
    • +2
make function "get_current_folder" more robust in case invalid data is fed in

new web-callback method "www-update-references"

This method can be called on the package-level to

referesh all page references (from wiki-links) for

an instance.

    • -3
    • +39
Added support for "-orderby" to includeletes "toc" and "book"

Previously, these includelets could be only used when a page_order was given.

In some cases, the base functionality came in handy for other cases, such

as e.g. a glossary.

provide nicer icon for revisions button

provide more detailed test-item descriptions for exam/question overviews

improve message keys