trenner in OpenACS

In case the user used an external_registry for login, we have to allow the redirect to a complete url

do not show invalid input to the user

use wordchar instead of word

room_id is required

fix typo

improve input validation

validate item_type

define item_type for code_interaction

fix typo

fix typo

verify provided object_type

put the notification creation in a db_transaction to ensure same subscription is created only once (e.g. double-clicks)

improve input validation

harden page_contract

do not show grading_table if grading is "none"

handle the case when instantiate_includelet is not returning an object (e.g. invalid top_includelet via user input)

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make check more robust

harden page_contract

harden page contract

perm-include checks already that privs are not empty

check permission before adding file to zip directory

improve input validation

handle empty string case

set return_url via ::xo::cc to avoid "connection socket is detached" error

document public api question_statistics_block

harden policy

split up question_info_block method

show the question_count in the title only while filling in the exam

use message key

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ensure variable results is defined

show composite subquestions in question_overview_block

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