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improve spelling

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Reduce duplication:

index and update_index were in fact implementing a upsert logic. Modern sql allows to write this in a single query and merge the two apis into one. Replace reference in the service contracts as well.

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Add 'index_unindex' test case, covering 'tsearch2::index', 'tsearch2::unindex' and 'tsearch2::update_index' procs

Test explicitely 'tsearch2::build_query_tcl', now that 'tsearch2::build_query' uses different methods yielding different results, and slight refactoring of the test, using 'aa_equals' instead of 'aa_true' for string comparison

Add simple test case for 'tsearch2::summary'

Add trivial test case for 'tsearch2::driver_info'

Whitespace changes

Add categories to build_query test case

added editor hints and white-space cleanup

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support 'AND' and 'OR' at the end of the search string + extend automated tests

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Relax cleanup of parenthesis: remove them only when they don't match, like it used to be in older versions of the code

Fixes automated tests (that were refreshed to latest syntax and labelled with the proc they are testing)

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Removed obsolete @arch-tag

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Merge fix for not with no search terms from oacs-5-2

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Add test for NOT with no search terms

Fix bug#3039 and but#3040.

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Bug#3039. Safely handle OR operator in query without a lefthand operand.

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Fix case when a one character term is in the middle of two other terms. Add test case.

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Cleanup build_query proc a little. Add automated tests for build_query.

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