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strengthen boolean variables in page contracts

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Reimplement the news admin index page to use the template system and behave consistently with the rest of the graphics

One reason to have custom markup here was the bulk-actions pointing to the same URL differentiated only via URL parameters. This limitation has been overcome in the previous commit.

regenerated documentation

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Fix archive date clause

Prevent unprivileged users to see archived news items, prefer api to retrieve the creator link, move SQL in the tcl file

Prevent unprivileged users from listing archived news, harden page contract, small reformatting

Streamline idiom

Use modern HTML and OpenACS features for date input, which do not require rendering via a custom widget api and cumbersome validation

Fir refactoreed variables

Cleanup vars

Use modern contract and formfield features to avoid manual date validation

Harden page contract, fix exporting of multiple revision ids

Use modern date formfields to avoid manual validation and handling of dates, harden page contract

Make publish_body required, as we already enforce it down the line

Fix more boolean expressions

Whitespace changes

Rework boolean comparison. Thanks to Felix Mödritscher.

Tighten ad_page_contract check for item_id

regenerated documentation

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Fix blind spot when setting the return_url

Do not abort the script until we are done with e.g. notifications and such

Whitespace cleanup

improve robustness in case parameter is not (yet) set

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Whitespace changes

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Disable RSS offering in news and news-portlet if the RSS generation service is disabled in rss-support. Bump version numbers and fix dependencies, as the RssGenActiveP parameter is only available in latest rss-support.

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Remove leftover text_file reference from revision add: reform happened in http://cvs.openacs.org/changelog/OpenACS?cs=MAIN%3Adonb%3A20091230231336 11 years ago discontinued this feature

improve spelling

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Use ad_inlcude_contract

improve spelling: prefer comma after "therefore" and friends

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improve spelling

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