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Prefer api to hardcoded urls

Address long standing todo: view news_items_live_or_submitted is defined for oracle exactly as the "workaround query" was doing, that is, from cr_revisions.content column

Whitespace changes

Don't display an empty list element when comment_url is empty

Whitespace cleanup

Fix blind spot when setting the return_url

Do not abort the script until we are done with e.g. notifications and such

Whitespace cleanup

Fix typo

Use "latest_revision" as revision_id for the newly created news-item when it is created with "is_live_p" set to false

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file upgrade-5.10.0d3-5.10.0d4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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improve listing of test coverage

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improve spelling

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improve robustness in case parameter is not (yet) set

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Whitespace changes

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Disable RSS offering in news and news-portlet if the RSS generation service is disabled in rss-support. Bump version numbers and fix dependencies, as the RssGenActiveP parameter is only available in latest rss-support.

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Remove leftover text_file reference from revision add: reform happened in http://cvs.openacs.org/changelog/OpenACS?cs=MAIN%3Adonb%3A20091230231336 11 years ago discontinued this feature

Make installation procs private

Whitespace changes

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Whitespace cleanup, normalize indentation

improve spelling

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Update es_ES message keys

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Fix proc and testcase names. The original 'news_pretty_status_key' proc was renamed to 'news_pretty_status' around 16 years ago.

Publish body is not optional and might contain HTML

Use ad_inlcude_contract

Use ad_include_contract

Move installation callbacks in an own namespace to comply with naming convention, fix install/uninstall process found broken while testing

Whitespace cleanup

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improve spelling: prefer comma after "therefore" and friends

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Remove unused queries