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Improve zip file download solution: instead of a link to be clicked, stay closer to previous implementation and trigger the download automatically by including an invisible iframe pointing to the file in the user message

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file download-zip-2.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Implement a simple "progress-bar" interaction when one downloads a zip file:

file is generated while the progress bar is running and the download link is generated and served to the user as part of a util_user_message

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Move operations so that they are closer to their computation's actual usage

We are only interested in the side effects of this computation

Break overlong line

Take more advantage of exception handling

Simplify determining outfile destination

Fix english of query name

Check objects ids all in one query, before any further action is taken

Do not localize the file name: it is not expected that message keys are expanded here as we do for the file title

Port sanitizing of upload file name from downstream

use util::unzip instead of plain "exec unzip" commands

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Make oacs-dav only a weak dependency for file-storage, if the package is not there, just treat it as if the parameter was disabled

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improve spelling

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whitespace changes

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extend regression test, add covered procs to webtest

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Whitespace changes

Use the new 'url' input type

Whitespace changes

Refactoring of the upload-size-limit admin page of the file-storage. Sets a default value of 2GB when no maxinput is found in the config file, and uses the new 'number' ad_form widget. Bump version for the widget dependency

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Fix typo

Do not allow backslashes in folders created via zipfile upload

As the folder name is used also for looking up for existing folders, the safest approach is to block the user: the risk with an automatic sanitization would be to overwrite existing folders without the user realizing

make end of options explicit

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improve robustness in case parameter is not (yet) set

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Whitespace changes

Disable RSS offering in file-storage if the RSS generation service is disabled in rss-support. Bump version numbers and fix dependencies, as the RssGenActiveP parameter is only available in latest rss-support.

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Improve sql portability

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use "ad_file" as a means to avoid unexpected tilde substitution in file names

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Deprecate with_finally and with_catch, superseded by e.g. try idioms in tcl 8.6

They would also not comply with OpenACS naming convention

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