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improve spelling and comma settings

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Whitespace changes

Copy paste query from copy in the move, as they are the same

This query is also reported downstream as a frequently slow one

Reimplement sorting depth-first sorting criteria in a way that is portable, fix starting depth

Rewrite query often seen among those taking a long time on downstream system

Empirical tests on file storage instances with many folders show this is more efficient that previous version, other than being (supposedly) portable for Oracle and Postgres

improve spelling

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improve spelling

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Move 'util::content_size_pretty' into 'acs-lang' and rename it to 'lc_content_size_pretty', localicing 'bytes' and adapting automated tests. Bump 'acs-lang' version.

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Prettify data size using 'util::content_size_pretty'

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Fix es_* message key

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Whitespace changes

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Use 'util::content_size_pretty' instead of manually prettifying data sizes

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Use 'util::content_size_pretty' instead of manually prettifying data sizes

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fix typo

support MemUnit (MB, KB, ...) for "maxinput" in config file

improve spelling

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replace hardcoded /tmp by API function [ad_tmpdir]

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add missing ad_script_abort

Whitespace changes

improve security for user-added URLs

user the simplified interface of form_reply (passing form as argument)

add one more test case for editing a folder via the web interface

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As we need parent_id to be computed, pass it to the proc as was before so we save a query

add test cases for web testing based on acs::test

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file webtest-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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white-space cleanup

Fix broken folder-delete function (was broken since Jun 22, 2018)

Improve proc documentation

Whitespace cleanup

Change the cr_items name together with the label, or renamed folders might clash with others in the future