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Do not localize the file name: it is not expected that message keys are expanded here as we do for the file title

Port sanitizing of upload file name from downstream

use util::unzip instead of plain "exec unzip" commands

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Add explicit version dependency on 'acs-lang'

allow to specify max upload size in configuration file in KB or MB

Reinstate oacs-dav as a dependency... there is api usage that is not so easy to replace at the moment

Fix test category, add tested api

Fix typo, write a basic test for the involved api

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Fix typo

Make oacs-dav only a weak dependency for file-storage, if the package is not there, just treat it as if the parameter was disabled

perform proper cleanup after the test

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Avoid rollback in web tests

Avoid rollback in 'fs_add_file_to_folder' test in particular

Rollback after tests

fix error message

Refactor query to go over the fs hierachy, rather than the permission one, add remarks

Recover logic went missing after refactoring (with some remarks)

break overlong lines

stick to content-repository API instead of duplicating code here.

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new function: ::content::revision::export_to_filesystem

This change moves functionality from file-storage to acs-content-repository.

all application packages should be free of internals, such as the storage

type. Storage_type should be handeled in the content-repository package.

We are not yet done, there is still more to do in this respect in

the file-storage package.

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break overlong lines

improve spelling

whitespace changes

extend regression test, add covered procs to webtest

Mark 'fs::max_upload_size' as public, as it is used in 'attachments'

Remove bogus proc name. Fixes 'naming__proc_naming' test case

extend tests by porting obsolete test fs_add_file_to_folder to new web testing framework

Add 'fs_create_folder_using_api' test case, covering the 'fs::get_root_folder', 'fs::new_folder', 'fs::get_folder', 'fs::folder_p', 'fs::delete_folder', 'fs::rename_folder' and 'fs_get_folder_name' procs

Whitespace changes

Use the new 'url' input type