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- fix and standardize quoting in template properties

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Fix the "customize logo" feature:

- use image.vuh from acs-subsite to display it instead of relaying on file storage

- Fix permissions grant (on item_id rather than revision_id)

- HTML cleanup

- localization and translation to spanish

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I didn't really change all these files but (sigh) was working with a

copy of a checkout ... should've soft linked instead. I did change a

fairly large number of files which is why I'm letting this large

commit go through rather than figure out which.

I removed default-dotlrn-master.* because dotlrn-master.* is the one we

use. I removed explicit references to dotlrn-master in templates because

someone should be able to use a private copy of dotlrn-master with a

different name if they wish. I fixed a few noquote issues (by no means all)

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merging the dotlrn-1-0 branch down onto HEAD (the trunk)

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making the dotlrn package (with its .adp, .info, and .tcl files) use the message catalog

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sloan - preveiw fixes, some images added, weblog support

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copyright OpenForce -> MIT

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Add / edit of icon and alt text attrs for groups

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added comm header font / color / size editing

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