jeffd in OpenACS

be a bit more graceful on missing requests.

content_type css_file does not exist, require admin permission to do this, read file all at once instead of line by line

case fold before checking if column exists

dont give table and id columns for tables that do not exist; maybe there should be an upgrade to fix this as well

make created view with : use _ instead (fix for xowiki object types)

you need to flush the package id to package_key map on update otherwise parameter updates and other things depending on package key fail until server restart. no attempt made to fix teh xotcl-core cached version. also misnamed query fixed

accept pkey, fkey, and key as constraint suffixes since the pg automatic names use them and are good

fix typos and xml in query file

improve error messages from a variety of other malformed list things

make the invalid orderby spec message more informative since it can be hard to identify a malformed orderby spec

remove the Huh? here I am notice


use content::extlink instead of the deprecated content_extlink:: api, add content::extlink::edit function

the arg is -paramter not -name to parameter::get_from_package_key, not sure how this ever worked...

use parameter::get rather than ad_parameter

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get rid of the rest of the proc_doc calls

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change all core proc_doc calls to ad_proc calls

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print a call stack when emitting a deprecated/warn message

use template::multirow foreach rather that the deprecated version; fix template::multirow so it works when adp_level is undefined

remove duplicate procs bounce_prefix and address_domain which live in incoming-mail-procs.tcl and bounce-procs.tcl

remove old debug statement

OCD repair of the hard coded @cvs-id strings

specify tclwebtest dependency for tests

switch foo_id_seq.netval to nextval('t_foo_id_seq') calls to placate postgresql 8.

stub acs_mail_lite::send since ns_sendmail is not always the ultimate transport. (the second one)

stub acs_mail_lite::send since ns_sendmail is not always the ultimate transport.

make test case a bit more informative about failure mode

fix the define_function_args thing for content_item__set_live_revision reported by Peter Alberer

doh forgot to init err1

need to catch close since if close fails you could send message over and over