yon in OpenACS

we already have the package_id

send_date needs to be timestamptz

file upgrade-0.2-0.3.sql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

file upgrade-0.1a-0.2.sql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

modified query column to be of type clob for oracle and type text for


fix pretty name

removing old files

moving from dotlrn.openforce.net:/dotlrn-cvsroot/new-portal to


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Initial revision

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testing that cvs log is working again

cleaned up add_user_to_community a bit

removed duplicate call to add_portlet_helper

stupid spacing stuff

copyright OpenForce -> MIT

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copyright OpenForce -> MIT

copyright OpenForce -> MIT

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fixed broken queries. patch by guan@unicast.org

put \\ at the end so it doesn't get confused

@, #, %, &, and + are also special characters because of urls. we might think

about just replacing any non-alphanumeric or space character with an


moved ad_parameter_from_file call from parameter::get to

parameter::get_from_package_key since you would only use a package_key to get

a value from the configuration file anyway.

made download-archive and the publish_object_to_file_system api file system

safe, that is, removed file system special characters according to the

'filename' tcl api.

@see http://dev.scriptics.com/man/tcl8.3/TclCmd/filename.htm#M29

fixed file_storage__get_package_id

fixed "no departments" message

fixed rdbms specification

order services just like postgres version

order by url just like postgres version

added an operation to the dotlrn_applet service contract. the operation's name

is ChangeEventHandler and is usually implemented by change_event_handler

method in the dotlrn_applet implementation. dotLRN can throw events based on

changes to a community via the dotlrn_community::generate_change_event method.

currently the only event being thrown and handled is the 'rename' event. this

event is thrown when the name of a community is changed. the only applets that

currently listen for this event are dotlrn_fs, dotlrn_forums, and


applets do not have to handle all events, only events they are interested in


we will add events on an as needed basis.

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added a rename method to calendar

parameter::get now checks the server config file first. this replicates

ad_parameter's functionality

fixed dotlrn::is_package_mounted to check if the package is mounted directly

under dotlrn, i.e. /dotlrn/bulk-mail, not

/dotlrn/classes/foo/bar/bar-summer-2002/bulk-mail. if any code depended on

this broken behaviour then that code will have to be fixed.

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