emmar in OpenACS

Revert unintended change

Revert unintended change

Set log format according openacs one

Don't use the encoded subject in the call to the callback

i18n and translation into spanish

i18n and translation into spanish

Added missing quotes

Translation to spanish

Localization and translation into spanish

Localization and translation into spanish

Localization and translation into spanish

i18n of the user interface

Fix call to content::type::is_content_type. Switch name is object_type not content_type

Add title to the search input since there is no label (WCAG2). Added corresponding message key and its translation to spanish.

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Don't compute deleted messages when counting translated/untranslated messages for a locale and package

When inviting users from the main site, show only the form to add a new user since searching for an existing one makes no sense.

A new user would be added as administrator when he was added to the main site. Fix for this.

Add semantic to the form "required" mark.

Use form buttons for bulk actions in list template (WCAG2)

Foreach assignees was iterating on the names of the array instead of on the values

Fix to parse and insert LOM metadata included as an external file.

LOM metadata wouldn't be parsed and inserted correctly if it was in an external file instead of inserted as a subnode of the metadata one.

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Remove extra log messages (leftover from my previous commit)

Fix queries

Sets initial install

- Moves support for 3 chars language codes to ref-language

- Adds dependencies to ref-language and ref-countries

- Bumps version number

Bumps version number

Adds ref-language to core

Adds support for ISO-639-2 language codes (3 chars)

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- Fixes typos in ctl files

- Adds new iso-639-1 language codes

- Adds iso-639-2 language codes (3 chars) data file. Will add datamodel and logic for it very soon

- Bumps version number to 5.6 serie for future inclusion in core

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Bumps version number