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improve comments

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add documentation to includelet

Document chat api using ad_* api facilities

Reduce divergencies between oracle and postgres

Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres

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improve spelling

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Fix oracle upgrade, remembering to keep privilege creation, which should indeed happen in the upgrade

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Skip column and attribute creation in this upgrade: people will get it from xotcl ORM in version 6.* and this upgrade would conflict

Make sure package_id is set on transcripts also when flushing messages every day

Chat reform:

- use consistently package_id to model belonging of a chat object to a particular package instead of the context_id

- set context_id to the package_id, as was already the case in practice, for permission checking

- make sure package_id exists and set it to the context_id in case it doesn't to handle legacy installations

Skip permission checks outside the connection context (in the sweeper)

Rework permission check

Check permissions: chat_read always and chat_write whenever we post

Fix typo

Align XoWiki UI naming to that currently in xowiki.pretty_name

admin_p and user_p are actually never displayed, so it doesn't make sense to have them in the select clause. What makes sense is that we filter for those chats we can actually access

base_url is in fact just the package_url from the connection

base_url can be computed just once

Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase and make the query less awkward

Don't overquote URL

Pass the creation user to the transcript object, as this proc is often called via scheduled procedure and won't find one otherwise

Provide a localized help-text for the xowiki-includelet feature (thanks to Günter Ernst for the german translation)

Improve formatting of messages

Fix upgrade

Add callback definition to the info file and define the contract properly as enforced by the UI

Maintenance upgrade to get rid of obsolete package parameters

file apm-callback-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Bump version numbers so chat depends on latest xotcl-core

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Rely on xotcl ORM machinery to handle acs_object metadata instead of doing it manually

Validation on 'get_instance_from_db' only