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added missing function args

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Rename constraints to follow coding standards (fixes automated test datamodel__named_constraints)

Renaming constraints on Postgres without dropping/rebuilding requires version >= 9.2

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Whitespace trimming

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Align case of acs_object_type with that of the actual table (fixes automated tests)

This change intentionally ingores Oracle, as its behavior with respect to case is not clear to me.

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Change declared acs_attribute datatype to boolean for boolean columns

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add forgotton fields related_link_url, related_link_text, redirect_to_rel_link_p to acs_event.new() and friends.

These files are part of the datamodel since many years, but someone forgot to adapt DB API for it.

VS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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Add field "location" to acs_events: an event has now a place and a time.

This is a prerequisite for adding a "location" to the calendar.

- add location to acs_attributes

- recreate views "acs_events_dates" and "acs_events_activities"

to return location

- extend "acs_event__new()" (pg) and "acs_event.new()" (ora)

to accept location

- let handle "acs_event.new_instance()" the location attribute

- bump version number to 0.6.2d1

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Added missing index creation statment; Fixed typo in index name

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Merging back to HEAD branch oacs-5-8 (using tag vg-merge-oacs-5-8-from-20141027).

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- add still missing function args

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- update postgres function to modern style plpgsql definitions, avoid backslash escaping

- add missing function_args

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PG 9.0 compatibility. Changes regarding usage of sequences. Deleting unused views and sequences.

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More fixes to timespan calculaton to handle timezone (DST) spanning recurring events.

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Fix problem with Daylight Saving Time when creating recurring

events. This works fine in Oracle because the timestamps don't have

timezones. In Postgresql when calculating the interval between events

for recurring events, we need to ignore the timezone to get the

correct result when the event crosses the Daylight Saving Time boundar.

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Merged changes to HEAD ...

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Make sure "this event" is updated when editing a reucrrence and applying

to this event and all future events

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All editing only future events of a recurrence

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First shot at merging oacs-5-2 apps used in .LRN to HEAD.

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fixing typos -- missing semicolons in acs_event__get_html_p and acs_event__get_status_summary

Initual attempt at correct daylight savings time handling. When calculating

intervals for copy, recurring events treat dates in calculations as timestamp

without timezone.

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fix the bkwd compat acs_event__new function resolves bug 2383

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propigate package_id to acs_objects, make __new a 14 param function and add backwards compatible version, bump package version, upgrades for oracle and pg, oracle untested

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make functions create or replace. fix inputs to a get_status_summary and get_html_p, bump version, upgrade

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Remerge Timo's changes for tip 42,43, cf tip 53

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rollback of Timo's name, package_id commit; see TIP 53

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TIP#42,43: adding package_id and title to acs_objects table

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fixing bug 957: adding recurring events broken in PG. Adding ::INT casts to arguments of add_months() and to_interval() calls

merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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Partial conversion from timestamp to timestamptz for PG 7.3 (need to keep

time zone timestamps so dumps from PG 7.2 installs will still work)

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fix acs_event__recurrence_timespan_edit thanks to deds@infiniteinfo.com