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use variable resolver instead of method for better performance

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Make usage of deprecated entry "form_link" a warning, the more general "entry" should used for makeing menu entries

Use hstore_attributes in the method update_item_index instead of the full list of the instance attributes to achieve consistency with ::xowiki::hstore::update_form_instance_item_index

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white space changes: remove tabs, remove trailing spaces and unneeded quotes

Fix bug in code for the validation of signed query variables, when no value was given (and notnull complaint has fired already)

- Don't prevent default on event handler for day cell, so clicking on existing event works

- Fix text for event existance so events are shown

Prevent double loading when the identical version is already loaded (can happen via install.xml files)

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Ease debugging

User simpler variable name

- remove useless warning

Use "ad_abort_script" in dotlrn::do_abort instead of plain tcl error to reduce log-spamming

Add missing upgrade scripts

Use "util::trim_leading_zeros" instead of ad-hoc code

add to acs-admin/subsites column "theme" to make it easier to see, which subsite uses which theme

Add foreign key constraints for package_id in dotlrn_community_applets to avoid invalid data

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Get rid of strange construct: [lindex [array get $array $name] 1]

- get rid of annying messages "Format a4 is redefined" caused by broken xls2csv

- add missing subsite_logo

- add missing CSP rules for streaming head

- add missing "subst" calls for nonce-handling in streaming content

Bump version number to 5.9.1b2 (again?)

- when deleting a user permanently (in case this is possible), redirect to the main /users page, since a redirect to the page of the deleted user does not make sense)

Change default for PreferredCSSToolkit from "yui" to "bootstrap" and for PreferredRichtextEditor from "xinha" to "ckeditor4"

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Fix typo

Fix typos in installation parameters

Improve behavion on ad_script_abort withing set_payload

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- provide information, when dependent files are sourced

update xo::library nsv when loading apm-file

Obtain as well package_id when selecting at-jobs

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- change CDN from netdna.bootstrapcdn.com to maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com

- add CSP

- Fix message key

- Bump version to 5.9.1b2