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Prefer 'namespace which' over 'info commands', as it is faster (on local tests, around 2x) and returns a single value. Many thanks to Nathan Coulter.

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Reuse computations

Fix message key for SC/MC question alternatives. Many thanks to Stephan Adelsberger

remove the view action - for the moment we do not need it

Add 'package_id' for tests so it does not need to be guessed

Fix overquoting in english message key

added preview/testrun to edit item workflow

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file answer-single-question.wf was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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file answer-single-question.wf.page was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

make packages in principle installable under PG 13+

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make FAQ package installable under PG 13+

provide explicit flag to disable menu-entries

disable the menu-entries for "Online Exam" and "Inclass Quiz" for the time being

reduce verbosity

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use bind variables instead of tcl variable substition in xql fullqueries

Fix for issue #3446

This fixes a bug, where the ordering of the site-nodes in the answer

set of the select_child_site_nodes query in site_node::update_cache

led to disappearing entries in the site map, when additional

items were added. This bug happened in the old-style

(nsv-based) site-node impementation, which is used, when no

xotcl is available.

Many thanks to Keith Paskett for debugging and the fix.

Fix proc doc

skip hidden fields to avoid empty td elements for the user

Allow in the include to selectively disable combinations of audio, camera and desktop recording (at least one stream needs to be enabled for proctoring to happen)

This allows to better tailor proctoring behavior to the user needs and privacy requirements

Fix parameter names

perform cleanup of WorkflowContainer after 10 minutes

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added total points (in addition to total minutes) to the exam overview

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Rework of the 'test_apm_parameter__register' and 'test_apm_package_instance__new' test cases.

Ignored disabled packages in both tests.

Check all enabled packages in 'test_apm_package_instance__new', instead of picking just one randomly, so all issues instantiating packages are found at once.

Indentation changes.

Ignore singleton packages that are already instantiated on 'apm_package_instance_new', preventing the execution of the after-instantiate callbacks

Convert content of host header field to lower case, since domain names are case insensitive

comment public methods

Keep tolerating parameter_id specified as unnamed argument in legacy code and warn about deprecation

Adapt tests to the new behaviour of 'apm_parameter_unregister'

Do not add admin_node to the component bars if it is empty

Reduce error level to warning in the nullchat test case, as the issue is driver related

improve documentation