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improve field validation

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remove legacy code

Prefer an idiom that won't create a fresh object to reset array

Style changes:

- use ' instead of " consistently in the code

- use strict equality operators

Modernize javascript:

- use const and let instead of var to better specify the scope and lifetime of variables

Fix event we listen to

Shorten idioms

Modernize javascript

- prefer querySelector api

- use classList to manipulate the objects classes

Declare variable as constant

Style changes:

- use ' instead of " to delimit strings

- use strict equality operators

Modernize javascript idioms

Replace tmpnam api

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Cleanup leftover documentation

Replace api

Cleanup duplicated line

Replace api

Whitespace cleanup

Replace api

fix sort-handles for list-table

before this change, the sort-handles were only styled for

tables of CSS class table, for the CSS class "list-table",

the sorting indicators were undistinguishable

set type description for ::xowiki::formfield::monaco

set type description for ::xowiki::formfield::reorder_box and ::xowiki::formfield::file

fix incorrect names in .xql files

whitespace cleanup

improve spelling

whitespace changes

S: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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better status course for calls with unknown resources

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make parsing more robust

allow to view workflow files via API browser

new partial index for a common query

... checking for "approved" members

file upgrade-5.10.1d13-5.10.1d14.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.