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improve spelling

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perform lookup for site-wide-pages along the inheritance path of the package class

fixed test (nsv entries do not strt with leading ::)

simplified filtering

added time_span form field (based on HTML5)

bumped version to 5.10.0d57

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add property to textara and text_fields to disallow cut&paste

handle cases, where autosave was rejected

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- textarea: added attribute "autosave"

- set autosave attributes in text_fields, when "multiple_lines" was specified.

- remove for the time being "hkey" from "non_cached_instance_var_patterns",

since this was recently fixed (TODO: check regression test and reactivate it later)

- new Externally callable method: autosave-attribute:

this is a simplified version of "save-attributes", but which does

NOT perform input validation, which might be a problem in case of partial input

- add "autosave-attribute" to all policies, where "save-attributes" was set

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add test cases for slot interactions

fix overquoting

add documentation

address issue #3423: Move is_package_root_folder up in class hierarchy to CrItem

follow user wish

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whitespace changes

update jquery versions (part 2)

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improve SQL quoting

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improve quoting

improve SQL quoting

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improve SQL quoting and source code documentation

improve SQL quoting

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fix typo in make_correct

provide support for addressing instance variables in component structures (one level 1)

added support for solution hints on checkbox and radio questions

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- name test-item sepcific form-fields for "in_position" and "minute" with a "test_item_" prefix

- added points calculation in addition to score

added support for randomization not only per user, but as well per position

whitespace changes

if "shuffle" finds precomputed seeds, used these to improve randomization

don't set href for rejected link to empty over the deprecated interface, but unset the href

CompoundField->value: return always the value from get_compound_value

add optional text descriptions to short_text fields

generalize modifier handling in "correct_when"

prefer "string map" over "regsub"