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Updates for upload_interaction:

- allow lecturer to specify number of file, which can be uploaded

- handle singular/plural labels for attachment/attachments

- handle singular/plural labels for Students submitting files

- styling improvements

- bump version number to get as well message catalog updates from xowiki

fix typo

Improve handling of cases, where the exam was closed, but some exam-takers have not submitted their results.

Essentially this change avoids an error message and repeated messages, which might

come form autosaving or other ajax calls.

since the form-field "file" supports the file multiple attribute, the internal representation is as well a list.

this change takes now as file-name for the local renderer as well the first file name list element.

add the original filename to the generated url, so that it is also delivered to the user

use proper user_id

Added text-attachment

Ny using text-attachments, a lecturer can attach files to the exercise

text for the student to download when solving the exercise.

enable question-form resolving again.

provide export interface

improve comment

fix typo

Undo change from 15 Dec, since it breaks shuffling

ensure workflow actions are updated properly, depending on the user role

Improved handling of link and child resources of forms

- test-item-procs: use resolve context to resolve e.g. images in the context of the original form

(many thanks to Thomas Renner for the suggestion)

- added extra argument "-context_obj" to substitute_markup to ease client code

- inclass-exam-answer.wf: reduced the db interactions by using form_info for form generation

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moved span inside button (as suggested by Monika Andergassen)

Make sure url varuiable is set

added a print button the works with event handler also in HTML streaming mode

include public methods called via the web interface in listing of tested methods.

pass _nls_language to batch-jobs to avoid invalid value in name normalization

white-space changes

redice verbosity

include url in atjob form. This change eases the atjob execution substantially,

since the package and connection context can be recreated based on this information

make grading scheme explicit (prepare for potentially other schemes)

use term "Preview" for testing single test items

new form-field class: boolean_checkbox

behaves like boolean, but provdes just a single checkbox instead of yes/no radio in "boolean"

the output is full compatible with "boolean".

The boolean_checkbox is used in test-item procs for a more slim correct/incorrect specification

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
fixed ckeditor form field for inline mode.

use inline mode for editing test items

added a describe funtion for MC items

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
use "keep_order=true" for test-item selection boxes

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- added detailed proctoring options

- accordeon style exam options

- allwo restart in "done" state only for SWAs

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show action "view" only, when user is swa

show "view" button only, when workflow instance with the current name was already created.

stay closer to QTI, use more appropriate labels