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revert the change of yesterday for thread initialization (after the release), and modernize the code a little

fix potential race conditions causing strange errors during startup

added slot type "range" similar to page-contract-filter for improved value checking

fix release dates in .info files

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release work

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simplify code (allow warning, although i am not fully convinced, this is a good idea)

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move documentation to the generic level, don't make methods public, which are intentionally non-public

Improve doc

"timestamp with time zone" is the name of a DBMS datatype, needs to be spelled this way

Make sorting more robust to invalid sorting criteria: instead of failing, ignore them and report the condition as a warning

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bump version numbers of 5.9|5.10 packages to 5.10.0b1

adjust dependencies

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improve spelling

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improve robustness of deep_copy method

since so far, we do not require that an empty ordered composite has allways

the children variable set (but maybe we should), don't assume it is always


For Postgres, take advantage of exclusive database api to check for permissions more efficiently, improve doc

Reduce usage of ns_mktemp in OpenACS

ns_mktemp uses the deprecated old POSIX call mktemp(), which should

not be used anymore for security reasons (race between the name

creation and opening the file). This change removes several usages of

"ns_mktemp" from OpenACS and replaces it with calls to the

safe Tcl call "file tempfile ..." (introduced by Tcl 8.6).

added function xo::write_tmp_file

The new function uses an atomic call to create a temporary file and

is therefore lass prone to attacks.

bumped verison number to 5.10.0d41

whitespace change

add checker for object_ids. In order to use this, a recent version of nsf is required, no accepting abbreviations for all types

tighten checking on input parameters

Cloase bracket

Maintain revision date for "update_attribute_from_slot"

This is not a full-featured version, since it does not update the

modifying user and the modifying IP (since this data is not

always available). But this version is at least good enough

for experimenting and checking for unwanted side-effects.

xotcl-core: upadated version number to 5.10.0d40

xowf: upadated version number to 5.10.0d39

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improve robustness when called without connection

avoid subst in export_vars by using xo::update_query

improve comments

Improve fix: do not even fetch the context_id for revisions, so we do not touch it when saving

Make sure that the context_id of a CRItem is always fetched from that of the item, rather than the revision, otherwise we could break object_id = context_id constraint on saving

Fix typo

improve spelling

CrClass->instance_select_query: return context_id of cr_item unless it is explicitly asked differently.

Before, calls like get_folder_children returned items having the context_id of the revision.

Since this attribute is ignored by most applications, it did not harm. However, a recent

bugfix for honoring different context_ids caused troubles. In the worst case, one can

end up with items having its own item_id as context id, which in turn causes

permission queries to loop.

provide default value for storage_type for in-memory created items