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get rid of the rest of the proc_doc calls

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merge of changes on oacs-5-0 branch to oacs-5-0-0b4 tag

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Fix the package and vendor URLs, remove broken owner emails.

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Updated summary and descriptions for more packages.

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forgot to save one change before commit

bug 925, vc had hardcoded paths to env, sh etc which were not right

info file fix: making version name in version url be up-to-date (have the version name in it). Upgrades fail on unique constraint of version url otherwise.

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merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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1. Made it possible to upgrade from acs-kernel 4.6.1 to acs-kernel 4.6.2

by using the APM rather than running the upgrade script by hand from

PSQL or SQL*Plus.

2. Changed a bunch of package .info files to depend on acs-kernel 4.6.2

to force the APM to upgrade acs-kernel (and therefore the APM datamodel)

before anything else. No guarantee on this though since not all

packages properly define their dependence on the kernel, it appears.

3. Whacked the release notes to suggest people use the APM to upgrade

acs-kernel first, other package later, just for safety's sake.

4. Fixed goof-up in acs-subsite I accidently introduced.

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cleanup javadoc tags (eg @cvs_id @cvs @cvs-id: instead if @cvs-id)

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Merged with OpenACS 4.5 beta1 branch.

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Applied Andrei Mitran's patch #167 which fixes two problems:

1. Version control picked up CVSROOT etc incorrectly

2. file manager failed when VersionControlP was true

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Added the fact that this package provides a service (file manager wouldn't

load due to the missing dependency).

1. Fixed APM bug - updating a package failed due to an unported query.

2. Updated the version number for version control.

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Forgot to define binary files before importing, so .gifs were messed up.

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