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Bug 1360 and give myself credit and fix some broken links ..

Fix for docs ..

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
WebDAV enable forms.

Fixed notifications formatting bug

patch 360 bug 1154

Cleaned up add_file and added add_version

Adding files to manage DAV support.

Let file-add work for new revisions as well as new files.

Use file-upload to add a new revision also.

Removing unused file-add-2.

Simplified upgrade to swap name and title.

Added upgrade for oracle and fixed oracle functions.

Complete upgrade script.

Clean up postgresql functions so name refers to name and title refers to title.

Move everything into one upgrade script.

Add index.vuh so GET works with plain old URL file-storage/folder/filename.ext

Fix content_item__move error and bug in content-image.sql.

Added fs::add_file tcl proc to more easily implement webdav support. Added

upgrade callback.

Adding install callbacks for webdav support

Moved root folder creation to apm after-mount callback. Added UI to

dav enable a file-storage instance. Converted file-add to ad_form and

cr_import_content. fix.sql includes fixes to bugs in acs-kernel and

acs-content-repository. Added update_last_modfiied for the content_item

when a new revision is uploaded so that last modified is displayed


Remove generic query file. It contained only one db-specific query

Fixed typos.

Added optional name parameter to content_item content_folder content_extlink

content_symlink copy and move pl(pg)sql procedures. Oracle and Postgresql.

adds a multirow pop command Patch 282 Jerry Asher

initial revision

files needed for HTML email processing

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Templated site-wide index page

Forgot to flush keywords cache when deleting a bug-tracker category

Added comment, because both Jun and I were confused.

applied patch 261, to allow access to variables in -pass_properties. applied patch 249, renames level to __level so the multirow with level name element will not conflict

used wrong function in last submission - should have been string first, not string match. Doh\!

Added -orderby_name switch to let you specify a name for the orderby filter for your list

Typo in spelling of checkbox_name in the API doc.