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remove inline sql from upload-2.tcl, clean up code, set content_length on new upload

set content_length field in cr_revisions for uploaded portrait

fixed a simple noquote bug in the list display of subgroups in the dotlrn main portlet

Fixed month display in calendar portal-mode if in subgroups: Need to pass down the url_stub_callback parameter to the view-month page.

Fixed a typo: message_key name lt_Are_you_sure_you_want_1 was misspelt and corrected to


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Lower instead of upper

Fixed bug with sorting bugs list

Fixed noquote bug

Fixed bug 1677: One day view doesn't show items shorter than an hour and doesn't handle "dangling" minutes properly.

making utf-8 default in AOLserver config file

email_verified_p was not set in the user_info array.

Added version number to all three places and not only one.

Joel says we can call Bug Tracker alpha. Should we throw a party?

Adding a column to the bug list showing who is assigned to which bug.

Reverted per request.

Exchanged cc_users for the faster acs_users_all query.

Fixes bugs 1635 1634 1630 1629 1628 1627 1626. Several other improvements and

bug fixes.

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Fixed problem with logger_project not beeing defined in the edit funtion.

Made sure we do not have a hardwired link to the organization package in there.

The display was wrong, as it was selecting the timestamp of the logentry that I entered last. This is wrong. It should display the log entries 31 days back from my last log entry. It is really confusing if you enter a log date e.g. three days back and suddenly your entries for yesterday disappear.

People listitem not working. Was tried to be commented out but the adp parser still read it. Took it out. Fixed the problem with no project_code given.

merging new keys from head to 5.0

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merged new keys from HEAD to 5.0

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added new keys

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changed release dates

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lang::util::localize wasn't working properly for multiple embedded message keys. I reworked the algorithm and added a test case for the proc. Thanks to Peter Alberer for reporting.

updated release number

updated core version numbers

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upped version to 5.0.4

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Typo: acs_acs_kernel_id