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Prefer cached api

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Update uninstall callback:

- avoid convoluted idioms

- improve documentation

- use cross dbms api

Format code in a way to avoid false positives where a column name is taken as a deprecated proc

Cleanup deprecated api from test

Use UTF-8 emoji HTML entities instead of static images to convert smileys in the forums package

This has the advantage of not requiring a request to serve the images. It also avoids the need to hardcode the image size, as they will be basically treated as fonts.

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Whitespace cleanup

Increase proc coverage, deprecate proc in the process

Test cornercase behavior

Make Service Contract implementations private

Deprecate forum::new_questions_allow and forum::new_questions_deny, one should use forum::edit, which will also track the change, or just inline the query instead

Deprecate forum::new_questions_allowed_p and replace occurrences

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Increase proc coverage

Give priority to the information provided explicitly to the api (the forum_id) in order to determine the package id and fallback to the connection context only when this is not available

Replace the lame template::util::get_opts with some homemade utility that will parse arguments reliably, adjust the one upstream use case where arguments other than those documented might be passed to the element creation, introduce a warning when this happens somewhere else

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Replace reference to long-missing message key

fix recent editing bug

improve spelling

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fixed categorization of test case

Add 'forum_enable_disable' test case, covering 'forum::enable' and 'forum::disable'

Fix typo

Handle correctly the indexing of moderated messages in fulltext search:

so far the fulltext search would also include unapproved messages and threads. With this reform we address this by:

- making sure unapproved threads are deleted from the index

- making sure new threads are added to the index only when the are approved

- making sure we unindex or reindex a thread whenever the approval state changes

- not fetching unapproved messages in the datasource callback, hence excluding them from the index

Note that Oracle has not been targeted by the reform. However, the situation improves for Oracle as well, because we won't render unmoderated messages in the datasource callback anymore.

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improve listing of procs covered by regression test

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Prefer using 'user_info' over 'user_id' when calling 'acs::test::http'

Skip deprecated api that is neutralized by the next upgrade, reinstate deprecated api just for upgrade purposes, complies with acs-api-browser.graph__bad_calls automated test

Whitespace cleanup

improve listing of test coverage

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consider subject field restriction from the database also in the ui

make end of options explicit

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Fix typo

improve spelling

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