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use bind variables instead of tcl variable substition in xql fullqueries

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New index on the forums_reading_info table

file upgrade-1.4d2-1.4d3.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Whitespace cleanup

show notification controls only, when the request is not from a bot

Improve sql portability

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Improve sql portability

Fix typo

improve spelling

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prefer "ns_conn isconnected" over "ad_conn isconnected", since the latter might not notice changes in the connect state

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Kill message key translation only when the original user message is included in the notification

Do not kill localization for moderator notifications, as they contain indeed message keys to be localized

Implement a new type of "Moderator" notification type for forums

This notification will be triggered also by unapproved messages. The UI will show the subscription link only to forum moderators, using a different color (customizable via css, vanilla color is red). Message content will always be hidden for such notifications, so user will need to have access to new message.

Make clear where paragraph ends

Step in the direction of implementing a new kind of "moderator notification": move current notification behavior in a private api, remove dependency on message approval in message::new (also avoids a query)

Fix typo

Comment unused computations

Small refactoring

Move logics to create forum notification type to tcl to:

- reduce code duplication

- make it simpler to extend forums with new notification types

This reform was triggered by a downstream request, where users would like a new kind of notification for forum moderators that triggers also when a forum message has not been approved

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Complete a long standing transition (before 5.5): rely on callbacks intead of service contracts to implement FTS datasource logics in the forums package

file upgrade-1.3.1d16-1.3.1d17.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Redefine forum charter as text, therefore without length limit

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Prefer acs::test::reply_has_status_code over manually checking status code in the reply

Fix close tag

added editor hints and white-space cleanup

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whitespace changes

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remove print.css and include its content in forums.css

Fix typo

Use fully-qualified api names

Indentation changes