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Make service contract implementations private, test them

Document public api, add library header

Increase coverage

Increase coverage

Make category::page_url private: it is meant to be used via the service contracts and not directly

Increase proc coverage

Pass the name down to the db_multirow api, just setting the multirow name is not sufficient to "rename" a multirow

Test api to map an object to a category, which exposes a bug in category::get_mapped_categories_multirow

Increase test coverage

Deprecate template::util::is_true, implemented as a simple string command oneliner since 2015 and inline occurrences

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whitespace changes

reduce verbosity

Extend 'category_tree_procs' test case with 'category::relation::add_meta_category' and 'category::relation::get_meta_categories'

Extend 'category_tree_procs' test case with 'category::change_parent'

Extend 'category_tree_procs' test case with 'category::count_children'

improve listing of test coverage

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Add 'category_tree_procs' test case, covering multiple category_tree::... procs

Add private procs for checking category existence in tests

Fix typo

Add 'category_get_procs' test case, covering multiple category::get... procs

Adapt proc doc to the implementation

Whitespace changes

Fix 'category::get_id' and 'category::get_id_by_object_title' queries, that aparently got mixed up in the past

Fix 'category::get_id' query

Whitespace changes

Set categories for tests

improve SQL quoting

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Replace deprecated idioms on oacs-5-10

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Deprecate value_if_exists proc, replace occurrences with plain tcl idioms

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Whitespace cleanup

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